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ZED RUNdown Edition 21

TL;DR Class 1 Premier Champion: Big and Tall Community Blog: Meet the newest members of the ZED RUN Product team LiveOps: Conditional racing is here, and we’re excited!  Listen: Facundo and Geoff join ZG on Twitter Spaces Snapshot Taken: NASCAR ZED PASS holders to receive NFT airdrop Updates: Product and UX progress reports  Community: Mrs. […]

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ZED RUNdown Edition 20

Welcome to the twentieth edition of the ZED RUNdown!  From incredible achievements on the track to a charity stream that galvanised us all, this week’s RUNdown is all about community. Let’s get into it!  Tournament Tracker NASCAR Breed for Speed Racing Challenge Congratulations to the NASCAR ZED PASS holders that took home a share of

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ZED RUNdown Edition 19

“And down the stretch, they come!” We’re still buzzing after last weekend’s incredible Kentucky Derby finish, and yet another extraordinary week at ZED RUN. Let’s burst out of the gates and start kicking up dirt in another edition of the ZED RUNdown!  Can’t stop watching this. The definition of “another gear.”pic.twitter.com/vNVcUrYR5m — Andrew Brandt (@AndrewBrandt) May

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Product Q2 Update

Community, we missed a comms cycle. Sorry ‘bout that. We’ve been grinding away to prepare for the long haul and future of our ecosystem.  Consider this the first outline of our shift to a renewed focus. With a restructure of product, support, and communication teams and clear path to delivery, progress will be tracked and

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ZED RUNdown Edition 17

Welcome back, ZED Headz!  In this week’s ZED RUNdown we’re celebrating a vital community member’s ZED-iversary, recapping and previewing tournaments, covering top sales, and much more.  Enough chit-chat, let’s get into it!  Your Talladega Champion! pic.twitter.com/yXZMZmZvxR — ZED RUN (@zed_run) April 24, 2022 Talladega Champion Congratulations to The Golden Room, our Talladega tournament champion! Talladega

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ZED RUNdown Edition 16

Salutations, ZED Headz! It was another jam-packed week of activity at ZED RUN, with much more on the way.  Let’s check in on all the action, including multiple tournaments in progress and a host of community activations in the latest rendition of the ZED RUNdown!  Derby Day at ZED RUN Have you qualified for Derby

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ZED RUNdown Edition 15

It’s time for everyone’s favourite portion of the ZED program – the ZED RUNdown!  It was yet another big week at ZED RUN – with a lot going on! Let’s recap the highlights, check in on our community, and look forward to some exciting events planned. Knights of Degen Week at ZED RUN Knights of

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