Breed Barn

This is very early and will be changed as the ecosystem grows.

Start by entering a Mare/Filly then use the filters below to narrow down your list of potential Studs. Enter the studs name (only one) in the Breeding Pair field. Compare the horses stats and distance preferences.

You can go directly to the breed page by clicking on a studs name and then clicking the link “Breed with Stud”.

Currently all information is for Gen 0 horses.

Experimental Feature Definitions

Grade Average Counter (GAC): Compares individual ratings like Start, Speed, Stamina, Finish, Heart, and Temper against the overall Grade Rating. It adds 1 for each rating that exceeds the average and subtracts 1 for those below.

Mdn Price: Compares the breeding cost vs. the median cost at that grade and track preference

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