The Breederboard

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Grade Improvement

All horses are assigned a number that corresponds with their letter grade. SSS+ = 21 D- = 1.
The Grade Improvement calculated by taking: avg. parents grade rating – offspring grade rating.

A Grade Improvement of 1 implies the offspring is 1 grade better than both parents.
Ex: Sire Grade: A, Dam Grade: A, Offspring Grade: A+ would have a Grade Improvement of 1.


Running Average Profit is the sum of a foals avg profit per race. Ex: Foal 1 200 profit per race, Foal 2 300 profit per race, the total would be 500 profit per race. Higher values could mean quality and consistency. This metric may be changing soon. NFA.

Opportunity Rank (OPTY Rank)

This metric looks at profit, entry fee, races and the amount of offspring to identify a potential opportunity for quality studs. By no means is this the “best” stud but a way to potentially identify opportunities in the market. This metric may be changing soon. NFA.

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