Horse Power

The primary objective of Horse Power, a tool for Photo Finish Live, is to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of your horse’s capabilities and areas for improvement. This is achieved by presenting an interactive overview of race data. 

Experimental Feature Definitions

Competition: This was previously named Grade Diff Rating. Competition assigns each horse a numerical value based on its grade (SSS+=21, D=1) and boost (0-0.75 based on boost level). A boost of 3 equals 0.75. A rating of 1 implies your horse is roughly a grade higher than its competitors, while -0.5 suggests it’s half a grade worse. Higher ratings indicate your horse ran against fields that it was stronger than “on paper” and doesn’t factor in actual performance.

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Note: For educational use only, this page’s fields may change or update. While it doesn’t guarantee future results, it enables review of past performance. Please note that there might be instances of data inaccuracies.