5 Top Zed Run Beginner Tips – First Couple Of Days

Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we are going over Zed Run beginner tips for those new to the platform. If you have been around for awhile, this might not be the article for you, but there are plenty of people entering the eco-system right now that will appreciate these tips.

Now, these tips are going to be general and mostly pertain to the first couple of things a new user should do or should not do. If you are looking for platform specifics or a general overview of Zed Run check out this article.

This post will cover a noobs first couple of days with Zed.

Zed Run Beginner Tips

Here is what we will be reviewing in the  Zed Run Beginner Tips post:

  • Don’t buy just any horse
  • Never buy the sell price
  • Don’t be a stranger
  • Get a decent budget

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride.

Don’t Buy Just Any Horse

Zed Run Beginner

This might sound silly, but many new users get so excited that they just buy anything when they join. Please please please do not do this.

While it might seem so exhilarating to begin anew on your virtual journey, it is imperative that you take your time. Opensea will have plenty of lush deals just waiting for you to scoop up, but along with those beautiful opportunities comes hundreds of horrible donkeys disguised as mustangs. (donkey means slow horse)

Instead of going to Opensea to buy what you find, have a game plan.

Decide beforehand how much you want to spend and research what kind of horse best suits your game place for the platform. Then dig until you find what you want.

If you are patient enough, more than likely you will succeed. Don’t accept the market, make the market work for you. Do your research, see where you realistically land in the market and wait.

Patience is key in this race.

Never Buy Listed Price

This ties straight into our second tip – never buy listed prices!

At the time of writing this article, we have purchased 10 horse on Opensea. 7 out of 10 of those purchases we took the time to reach out to the sellers. Every single time, the seller was willing to negotiate on the prices.

At the end of building our stable, we will probably save thousands of dollars in simply taking the time to find the seller and offer a lower or competitive price.

The beauty of NFTs right now (especially Zed Run horses) is that there is no set price with these things. It is all speculative and variable. This is basically the wild west of money, and if you are smart you can take advantage of that.

Reach out to the sellers over discord, Twitter, or even ask around. Chances are, you’ll find them and they will be willing to negotiate.

Works about 70% of the time for us.

Don’t Be A Stranger

This next tip directly correlates with the one above – don’t be a stranger.

The more vocal and active you are in the market, the more people will notice you.

In addition, the more people you meet, the more people that will trust you and start to engage with you. Over time, you might just build your own community of buying and selling horses direct.

It is very common for stables to partner up and breed together monthly as well.

Not to mention that knowing people gets you deals and offers that you normally would not even know about. We are talking about those independent owners that like to sell direct or off market. Sometimes, these can be the best deals.

Most notably, a recent influencer in the space put his entire stable up for sell instead of posting it on Opensea. You wouldn’t know about the sell unless you talked to this influencer directly over discord or followed his social accounts.

We hope you decide to not be a stranger in this market, so go ahead and follow these accounts and join the official Discord. Here are the links you’ll need:

Zed Run Discord

Zed Run Twitter

Zed Gazette Twitter

Zed Guru Twitter

DanShan Twitter

Zook Twitter

San Francisco Twitter

Decent Budget

The last tip I give to new users is to bring a decent budget.

While you can get into the market with a few hundred dollars, you will struggle.

It is do-able, but you will not thrive or really enjoy it much. Of course, with the increase of free races in the community there are now more opportunities then before.

Although, if you want to really get into the platform you need to bring a few thousand dollars to play. I am not just talking about racing, but for breeding most certainly.

You will benefit the more you put into this game in terms of research, patience, communication, and most certainly financially.

Zed Run Beginner Tips Post

Thanks for reading our post on Zed Run Beginner Tips!

These are just some tips that we felt were necessary to share. Take this platform seriously, invest in your stable, and we are certain you will benefit long-term.

We hope to see you on the track soon!