Hawku Raises 4M To Build Out NFT Marketplace! – NFTs Still Bullish!

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Hawku Raises 4M

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to talk about the recent news – Hawku Raises 4M to build out an NFT marketplace that comes from this article on their blog!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Hawku Raises 4M

For those that are not familiar with Hawku, it is an NFT web app that is allows Zed Run players and stable owners to view certain things about their NFTs.

The platform displays anything from horse stats, rankings, speed values, popular listings on Opensea, and much much more!

The platform has garnered huge attention reaching over 3,000,000 hits per month in only its fourth month of existence!

Those numbers don’t lie, so the platform creators decided to reach for the next step – building out their own NFT marketplace.


Although, some people might be wondering – why a marketplace?

Well, we have a bit of an advantage into understanding this because – we use Hawku! More specifically, we happen to use and love a certain feature on Hawku, the listings page!


The listings page allows anyone to sort, or filter, all of the available horses from the open market on Opensea by certain characteristics like:

  • Win rate
  • Parents win rates
  • Coat color
  • Breed type
  • Blood type
  • Heat percentages
  • Paid races
  • So much more!

What this does is cut the time for investors and people looking for those hot ticket items on the market.

It basically lets people find exactly what they are looking for without wasting time looking up each individual horse and going through their stats!

Since this is (probably) the most used and appreciated feature across the site, it is natural for them to seek to build out their own marketplace.

Seed Round

While people might think 4 million is small compared to companies raising hundreds of millions, it is more than enough to hire several talented developers to build out this platform.

We believe in this project and so do several other companies apparently. The funding seed round had companies like:

The seed round was led by Lightspeed venture partners and luckily had some huge names as well like VHS and Solana which was very impressive. We can’t wait to see what Hawku has in store for their marketplace, but we would assume it will utilize the Solana network given that they were apart of the funding round in some way.

Since this was only a seed round, Hawku can easily seek more capital down the line if needed with a series A, B, etc. Although this typically leads to diluting equity share, or simply selling off equity depending on how the agreement is structured.

NFT Marketplaces

While this is exciting, there is definitely sizable competition already in this space.

The most obviously competition is Opensea who currently is the only place where investors and owners of Zed Run horses can list, buy and sell their NFT horses.

Another marketplace that accepts Zed Run NFTs would really help as the number of assets continues to grow into the hundreds of thousands over 2022.

Other top names like Gamestop’s partnership with Loopring are set to bring forth an NFT gaming marketplace and Coinbase’s confirmation of an inevitable marketplace are things to consider.

Hawku already has a huge leg up being that it services a large group of NFT holders already with its website, but there will be tough days ahead as it tried to grow past that and reach into the other market directly competing with these other massive companies. All the while these other companies are stepping into the space with potentially hundreds of millions already at the muster.

Hawku Raises 4M Post

Thanks for reading our post on Hawku Raises 4m! We are so excited for this platform to expand and continue to provide excellent service in it’s newest endeavor! We’ll try to keep everyone updated as the project develops!

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