Make Money With NFTs – Zed Run Horse Value

Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this post we are going to be discussing how to increase Zed Run horse value! If you have not been following our series, then start here to learn everything you need to get caught up!

So far in the series we have gone over:

We are making our rounds in the Zed Run educational track so to speak. So clearly talking about how to increase the value of your horses will be next!

Here are our tops ways to Increase horse value:

  • Free races
  • Studying your horse
  • Down classing
  • Not racing at all

Lets dive into how to increase Zed Run horse value!

Increase Zed Run Horse Value

increase zed run horse value
increase zed run horse value

If you think about NFT horses as a business, then you probably would agree that you want your assets to appreciate and not lose value.

Due to that, there are many things you should consider before taking your expensive asset out on the track! Think about it. The value of your asset depends largely on a few things:

  • Blood type
  • Race history
  • Breed-ability

While you can’t really control your horses bloodtype or the ability for it to breed/stud, you can control (for the most part), its race history! Race history has a decent impact on prices of horses, especially if the horse is generating a good amount of profit racing!

Therefore, we are going to go over the ways to increase Zed Run horse value by doing a few specific things with your horse!

Free Races

The first thing you are going to want to do is tons of free races!

there are a few reasons why you are going to want to do free races:

  • Free races usually have weaker horses in them which leads to your horse getting more profit (increasing ROI) and more flames! (higher flame percentage)
  • Free races will help you find out your horses strongest distances without losing money on paid races
  • The last thing free races do are provide you with income to support your other endeavors on the platform

Free races boost your horse’s stats and inexperienced buyers will not filter these out making your horse much more desirable on the market!

Studying Your Horse

The next thing you can do to increase your horse’s value is by studying it!

This might seem silly, but learning your horse inside and out will allow you to make it perform better! As you learn more about your horse, you will be able to do a few things:

  • Maximize its potential
  • Get more flames by racing it in favorable races
  • Increase its ROI and profit margin from winning more races
  • And obviously learn its true value (this will help you negotiate when selling)

Studying your horse is the best thing you can do as an owner for your stable’s win rate and for your assets value!

Down Classing

The next common tool that people use to increase their horse’s value is down classing.

While this might seem counter intuitive, it is very smart. If your horse gets too high in the classes, then you might need to purposely lose some races to get it back into a class where it can win.

You see, buyers want to see wins! They want to see those first, second and third place percentages high with high flames and ROI. By purposely losing some races and getting 11th or 12th place, your horse will naturally down class to easier races.

Once your horse is in a class where you are SURE it can win lots of races, it is time to turn the tables. This is very similar to the traditional U-shape racing strategy used in the game!

Not Racing Ever

The last thing that people might not think about to increase horse value is simply not racing!

If you own a genesis horse that does not have a lot of races or any at all, then it might actually be best to just not race it. Especially if you are not experienced in racing.

For instance, an unraced Szabo could go for 3 to 6 Eth where a confirmed donkey could only sell for 2 Eth. While this might not seem very “fun”, if you want to retain your asset’s value it might be the best course of action long-term!

Zed Run Horse Value

Thanks for reading our post on Zed Run horse value! We hope this post helps people figure out the best plan for their selves! Only you know what you are capable of, but always make sure that there is a plan behind your capabilities!

We’ll see you on the track!