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NASCAR Drives Into NFTs By Launching One With Zed Run

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In this post we will dive into a recent development that we learned about from the Zed Run team! Excitingly, they announced this week that their NASCAR partnerships has bloomed into more than just talk and posts!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run And NASCAR

Zed recently announced that their NASCAR partnership is starting to materialize onto their platform with an upcoming event.

On October 3rd NASCAR will make its debut on the Zed Run platform. This will directly coincide with NASCAR’s YellaWood 500 race that is set to take place at the Talladega Superspeedway.

With this event, there will be a new track that opens up called the Bill France Sr. Stakes Race Track. This name was chosen in honor of the founder of NASCAR – Bill France Sr.

On its debut,  Zed Run will open the race tack to be used by all Zed Run users!

If a user races a horse on the new track in the 24 hour time period starting at October 3 12AM EST, then they will automatically be entered into a lottery. This lottery will decided who gets the first free 100 Zed passes!

Zed Passes

Another part of this announcement was a new feature that Zed will be adding to the platform.

That feature is the Zed passes!

This event will feature a NASCAR specific Zed pass that will ultimately reward holders with future in-game utility, and special perks down the line.

In total, there will be 1,000 NASCAR Zed passes released in this event. The first 100 will be given away from the lottery based on users that race October 3, while the other 900 will be sold on Opensea most likely to the highest bidders!

The team has yet to announce when the other 900 passes will be for sale, but make sure to keep checking because we are sure they will sell fast!

While there will only be one specific Zed pass added from this event, we anticipate that there will be more in the future as sponsors and companies continue to come onboard.

We can even see certain passes being given out for tournament victories all leading to one grand race eventually! I am sure the team has tons of ideas still behind closed doors, but it is fun to imagine.

Zed Eco-System

While the pass feature is unexpected, we were just talking about new tracks entering the eco-system the other day.

As the game stands currently, we feel there are a number of issues. One of which was that there is only one place to race your horses!

This really creates a huge problem in terms of diversifying the competition and giving all users (mainly new ones) a chance to win some races.

Currently, there are too many high end stables racing on the single track..

These big stables are basically taking advantage of the lesser competition, aka new users.

Although, with the new track hitting the scenes, we believe this will help diversify the competition and open new avenues for users to benefit.

NASCAR Partnership

The new track should open up October 3 at 12AM!

Make sure to take the time to run a few races on it and get your entries for the giveaway.

Also, make sure to try and bid on one of the Zed passes coming up on Opensea. Our gut tells us that it will be worth the price!

NASCAR Partnership With Zed

Thanks for reading our short post on the recent NASCAR Partnership With Zed news!

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