Running With NFT Horses – How Does Zed Run Work

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how does zed run work

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to answer the question – How Does Zed Run Work?

While most people that read our posts might already be fairly familiar with the platform, there are plenty of new people entering the space that are asking this question daily.

Therefore, we are going to go over a few thing to help answer the question:

  • Platform Overview
  • Stable Overview
  • How Does Racing Work
  • Virtually Human Studios
  • Technical Overview

After this post, you should be able to explain Zed Run to your grandma!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

How Does Zed Run Work

There’s a lot to cover in this post, but we are going to try and keep it as condensed as possible. Sometimes too much knowledge will only confuse people looking for simple answers.

So, if after you’ve read this post, digested it and drank your coffee, you still want MORE – then scroll to the bottom and follow some of the links there to other posts with more detail and information!

With that said lets dive into the platform!

Platform Overview

Zed Run Racing

For those that are completely new to Zed, the website or platform can be found here at Zed Run.

This is where you will use your horses for a multitude of things like:

  • Breeding
  • Racing
  • Studding
  • Admiring
  • Eventually renting

The platform requires new users to sign up and link a MetaMask account to create your stable. Creating a stable is completely free and can be done in a matter of minutes without lengthy approval or annoying identity verification.

On the platform you can do several things like:

  • Watch current races that are happening under the “racing” tab. This tab is also where you will go to find available races later on
  • View the stud barn under the “breeding” tab. This is where you will go to find a male horse to breed with your female horses.
  • You can learn the basics about NFT horses under the “learn” tab. There is much more information found here on the community page for Zed and on our blog under the Zed Run menu item
  • Or you can see the most recent updates to the platform by using the “what’s new” tab.
  • The last thing is obviously the ability to view your stable by clicking on the top right icon of the platform IF you are logged in.

Not, lets go over the stable!

Stable Overview

Zed Run Stable View

If you create your stable by logging in with your MetaMask, then you have the option to click on the top right icon to access it.

In addition to creating a stable, you get to name it and have your very own link as well that you can share on your socials or with friends.

An extremely popular thing is to actually create a logo for your stable and get a Twitter account to help support it! For an example, you can find ours here:

The point of the Zed Run stable is to:

  • Show your horses
  • Display what horses are currently in races or in the stud barn
  • This is also where newborn horses will populate! Once they show up, you can click on them and name them!
  • Show your stable stats, wins, name, logo
  • Allow other people to view your stable and stats
  • This is where you click on each of your horses to: Race them, stud them, or view their stats
  • This is also where you can transfer your horses from stable to stable

The stable is extremely important, and you will spend a decent amount of time here, so it is good to get familiar with it.

How Does Racing Work

Once you have your stable setup with a few horses that you purchase on Opensea, it is time to race!

In order to race your lovely NFT horses here is what you need to do:

  • Connect your MetaMask account to the website to load up your stable
  • Go to the “racing” tab on the platform
  • Choose what class (1 through 5) that you want to race in
  • Click on your preferred distance (1000M – 2600M) and your preferred buy in (free – $500+)
  • Choose a horse from your stable after you click on a race
  • Approve the transaction on your MetaMask (it should popup or show that it has a notification)
  • Click on the race again to make sure your horse was entered
  • Wait for the race to fill
  • Go to “racing” after the race fills, then click “Next To Run”, and then filter for your horses
  • Here you can click on the race and wait for your horse to run!
  • Choose to either view the race in 2D or 3D!

After the race concludes, your wallet will automatically get paid out if your horse gets in top 3 by the smart contract!

Then all you have to do it rinse and repeat!

We will not get into racing strategy, but if you want to learn about racing in general and how to value a horse’s stats, then click here on this post!

Virtually Human Studios

Virtually Human Studios

The next thing to discuss is the company behind Zed Run. The company that made our hopes and dreams come true is called Virtually Human Studios!

You can find some of their socials here for those interested:

There is so much to say about this company, but we are going to only cover the basics and need to knows if that makes since.

The company we formally launched in 2019 with a small team. Over the years, they built up a community around their ideas and projects. In early 2021, they launched their first “drop” of Zed horses and sold out of most of the horses that were offered. There were some issues with the drops which resulted in horses not being sold, but for the most part there was plenty of interest from the community.

In addition to the successful drops, they raised around 20M in a series A funding round from the TCG group and a16z.

Most recently, they have unveiled partnerships with some huge brands like:

We are confident that there are several other partnerships in the works, but only time will tell who else is brave enough to join the NFT movement.

Technical Overview

Zed Run Community

The last part of understanding how Zed Run works would be to quickly and briefly covering the blockchain side of things.

To make this as simple as possible, we are actually going to quote a few things straight from the Zed terms of service to be as accurate as possible!

Zed Run Terms Of Service

ZED RUN is a distributed application that runs on the Ethereum network, using uniquely developed smart contracts (Smart Contracts) to enable users to purchase, sell, breed and race statistically unique digital thoroughbreds, which can then be visualized on a website that the user can interact and earn Ethereum from ZED RUN (ZED).

We neither own nor control MetaMask, Google Chrome, the Ethereum network, or any other third party site, product, or service that you might access, visit, or use for the purpose of enabling you to use the various features of ZED. ZED will not be liable for the acts or omissions of any such third parties, nor will we be liable for any damage that you may suffer as a result of your transactions or any other interaction with any such third parties.

If you elect to purchase, sell or breed racehorses using ZED, or with or from other users in ZED, any financial transactions that you engage in will be conducted solely through the Ethereum network via MetaMask. We will have no insight into or control over these payments or transactions, nor do we have the ability to reverse any transactions. With that in mind, we will have no liability to you or to any third party for any claims or damages that may arise as a result of any transactions that you engage in via the App, or using the Smart Contracts, or any other transactions that you conduct via the Ethereum network or MetaMask.

-Zed Terms Of Service

Simplified Version

In simple terms, Zed runs on top of Ethereum, uses smart contracts for payouts and to take payments for races, and utilizes MetaMask for users to retain rights to their NFTs.

Any purchases on the platform or on Opensea are all done on top of the Ethereum blockchain and can never be reversed once made.

How Does Zed Run Work Post

Thanks for reading our post on how does Zed Run work! If you are looking for more information on the platform then follow some of these links to:

In addition, you should check out the Zed Run Community Page to stay up-to-date on every Zed is doing!

We’ll see you on the track!