Zed Run Blog Post 1 – Getting On The Track

Welcome back to the Tribe!

lately, we’ve been writing about educational posts to help those new to the Zed Run community. Although, we want to be a little more personal in these posts! These posts will be our personal blogs that takes you behind the scenes!

In this first post, we want to discuss things like:

  • Our stable
  • Experience with the community
  • And what we are looking forward to

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Blog

Every post we are going to give you guys a current update of the things we have done recently:

This includes a Nak 2 genesis horse that we will be renting out for stud soon!

  • We gave away 4 offspring to bring new people into the Zed Run community and launched a giveaway!

We are very proud to say that we brought 4 new users to the platform and will continue to do our part in growing out the community! In addition, We have plans to bring many more users with our posts, influence, and giveaways!

Also, we launched another giveaway for users already on the platform! You can join here!

  • We have won our first 10 races!

Sanfrantribe Stats

We are very excited about this and plan to push hard to get to 100 wins in the next month or so!

  • We’ve received a great response from the community

This includes posts, negotiating for horses, and overall just being included! Great job to everyone in the Zed Run community! Now, lets dive a bit more into our stable.

Our Stable

When we started, we wanted to map out a stable strategy.

We quickly went to work pricing out horses, studying the sell floors of certain offspring, and navigating the best ways to generate monthly income for ourselves to grow our stable! Not to mention we found out that it is actually easier to stud month to month as income than selling horses.

As we continue to learn and the platform continues to grow, we are sure the initial strategy will change. We’ll keep you updated as it does!

Right now, our stable is a mixture of breeding, racing and studding!

Community Experience

We wanted to take the time to write about our community experience!

Why? Because honestly it has been so amazing.

Already we have joined forces with some of the top community members to do several things like: give away horses, promote a new tool, and learn more than expected. We really want to applaud the members of the Zed Run community on a job well done welcoming new comers.

Looking Forward To

With the community being so inviting, we have high hopes for the platform. Although, there are a few things specifically that we are especially excited for.

  • Growing out our stable

We have not been able to breed yet, and that is very exciting to us! We start our first breeding round on the 23rd. We’ll keep you updated!

  • Further updates to the platform

We know the platform is still in BETA, and we can’t wait to see the finished product with all of the additional features.

  • Owning your own track

We read somewhere that the team envisions the ability for people to own their own track down the line! If we could ever get to that level, that would be a dream come true. Just the thought of it makes us want to dive into the platform more and more.

Zed Run Blog Post

Thanks for reading our first Zed Run Blog post! We will try to update this every couple of days with a racing update, stable update, and other fun things we experience.

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