Zed Run Blog Post #2 – Racing And Community

Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this second Zed Run Blog post, we are going to continue to discuss things that are happening in our stable, developments in our socials, and of course a racing update!

Here is a quick run down:

  • Changes to our stable
  • Giveaway update
  • Racing update
  • Partnership update
  • Social growth

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Blog Post #2

Here is an update for our stable!

Most recently we made another acquisition of an unraced, unbred Z4 Genesis Szabo! We are extremely happy with this purchase since it is our first U/U that we have purchased. The horse’s name is Little Choosey! We will be racing him today and breeding him in the coming days into our stable to hopefully produce some great offspring with our outstanding mares.

little choosey

Already this horse had a strong showing:

  1. Little placed 3rd in his Griffin race (the first Griffin we ever raced)
  2. He placed 2nd in a 1400m class 1 race AND 2nd in a 1400m class 2 race
  3. Finally he placed 9th in a free 2400m class 2 race

This horse is already showing a ton of potential. From what we can tell so far, it will be a mid-distance runner for 1400m-2000m. We will also be breeding out this horse with our horses: Major Speed, Fire Destiny, and Royal Captain! Be on the look out for some offspring coming out of our stable soon.

  • Our giveaway is still live for those still wanting to enter for a free legendary Z7 Finney!

You can go here to enter! If you go through our Tweets, we have already sent out the secret phrase as well for 25+ extra entries.

Make sure to keep up with our Twitter if you want to be included in all of the giveaway secrets and extra entries!

  • We have won our first 19 races, with 28 second place finishes and 8 third place finishes!

sanfrancisco tribe update

In just a few days our 10 wins has turned into 19, and we had a strong second place finish run one day where almost 50% of all our races for the day finished in 2nd. We are still trying to get a handle on the racing aspect of the game.

Our current strategy is to map out every horse in an Excel document, record flames and competition levels per race. Then we review it everyday to try and expand our understanding of each horse.

So far, we are seeing more flame and higher place finishing with this model. Although, we know that as Zed Run continues to develop and add more features, so will our model. Currently, we are pretty happy with results, but would love to turn those 2nd place finishes into first place ones very soon.

With breeding only a few days away for our stable, we are excited to welcome new horses into our racing line-up given they show potential!

  • We launched a recent partnership with Danshan and some of the top stables in the community

This week we launched our first post for the series: On The Track

We can not explain how happy this makes us. The community had a great response to our initial article on Pac Protocol Racing. we really appreciate Pac’s help in getting us all the necessary information for the article.

At the present moment, we already have 20 stables lined up for On The Track interviews with the next post coming 9/22/2021 on Upper Moon Racing. Each post will have similar format of questions to keep things consistent. The main purpose for the posts are to:

  • Learn how people started in Zed Run
  • Find out the top stables strategies to share with the community
  • Educate people about the Danshan Blood Tool

If you have not seen our first post, please check it out and give us some feedback! In addition, subscribe to be informed when the next one goes out!

Upcoming Things For The Tribe

We have been very busy over at the Tribe with the partnerships,  On The Track series, and just doing horse research in general.

There are a couple of secret projects we also have in the works like:

  • The Commander’s Cup – a tournament we will host in 2022 so be on the look out!
  • Ranking plaques – considering 3-d printing plaques for those stables who are showing outstanding performance
  • Blog development updates – we are constantly building out pages and moving things around
  • More giveaways – we know you guys like giveaways, so more are on the way.

These are just a few things we have been working on in the background so stick around and be early to the party!

Social Growth

Since joining Zed Run, our Twitter and Subscriber counts have both doubled.

This is amazing to say the least, and we want to thank everyone for being involved with us and helping to promote what we love to do.

We will continue to push to grow these counts hopefully into the thousands as the year drags on!

Zed Run Blog Post

Thanks for reading our second Zed Run Blog post! We will continue to update you guys every couple of days on our racing success, stable changes, and other fun things we dive into.

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