Zed Run Blog Post #7 – Zed Tournament And Zed Talk

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Zed Run Blog Posts

Welcome back to the Tribe!

This is our seventh Zed Run Blog post! In this post we are going to quickly cover our stable’s progress, the Zed tournament, and the dive straight into some of the biggest issues Zed is currently encountering.

Here is a quick run down of this post:

  • Racing update
  • Tournament update
  • Zed Issues

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Blog Post #7

Here is an update for the Sanfrancisco Tribe Zed Run journey!

Racing Update

We have won 135 races so far! Our next big goal will be 500 wins.

In addition, we have 154 second place finishes and 115 third place finishes!

SanFran Stable

It has been a wild few weeks racing on the Zed platform.

In all, we’ve had a decent amount of luck on the track, but lately that luck has seemed to taper off as we have been racing less and less.

The surge in racing really stemmed from trying to get a few of our horses into the tournament. It was a ton of fun, but overall the best part of the tournament was how much we learned. We learned so much in such a short amount of time about racing, our stable, and how to prepare for a tournament!

Tournament Update

From our first official Zed Run tournament, we learned several things.

First of all, it is incredibly important to prepare your stable for the tournament.

Many of the top stables took the early parts of October to down class their best horses in order to get some early free wins as they progressed through the classes. This method seemed to work in general for most people, and really would have been the difference in some of our horses making it or not.

Overall, we just enjoyed the process of it all. There were massive upsets in the tournament which always makes things fun, and in the end we are proud of some of our friends that performed so well in the tournament like Alhambren Bloodstock and Danshan. In addition, 2 Fools and Their Moulah and Arbitrage Racing had strong performances reminding us how proud we are to know them!

Moving forward, we are going to try harder to qualify for the next tournament by planning ahead!

Zed Run Issues

Sadly, that is the last of the fun news.

Currently, there are some strong issues the platform is facing that could potentially make or break it for most people.

Before we talk about those, we do want to mention our appreciation for the Zed Run support team’s hard work lately. We have had to work with them on a number of issues, and every time a solution is quick and effective. We appreciate their efforts and diligence.

Although, we need to look at the shadows currently growing bigger on the racing Giant. Here are some of the largest issues we currently have with the platform:

  • Ease of classing

There needs to be a stronger form of retaining class for a horse. We are not sure of a solution, but a horse should have to prove something before it changes classes. This could be a series of races, auto entry, or something similar. However this looks, it really needs to be implemented instead of the current strategy. There are too many extremely strong horses just running around in the lower classes, making racing unprofitable for too many stables to retain the masses.

  • Removal of low paying races

Most recently, the low end races in class 1 and class 2 have been completely removed. Specifically, there are only $10 races in class 1 leading to some intense competition at even the lowest mark. So much so that we have just stopped racing at this point all of our class 1 horses. Our class 3 horses and class 2 can still compete, but even there seems to be increased competition. While competition in general is not a bad thing, this seems to dynamically change the game once again drastically effecting the profitability of stables.

  • Platform issues

While we appreciate the diligence of the support team, the on-going issues are quite troublesome. At this stage in the game, there should be some more permanent fixes becoming implemented or fail safes. We understand the process of development, and have high respect for the team behind the project. But with greatness, comes responsibility. That is just the cost of creating an idea and platform with so much potential – high expectations. These expectations are not meant to derail but to propel. The community needs to continue to push for better out of love for the platform that they have invested in.

Zed Run Blog Posts

Thanks for reading our seventh Zed Run Blog post!

We will continue to update you guys every couple of days on our racing success, stable changes, and other things Zed Run related.

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