Zed Run Blog Post #8 – 200 Wins, Pity Tournament & Racing Updates

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Pity Tournament

Welcome back to the Tribe!

This is our eighth Zed Run Blog post! In this post we are going to go over our racing status, stable changes, and the Pity tournament!

Here is a quick run down of this post:

  • Racing update
  • Stable Changes
  • Pity Tournament

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Blog Post #8

Here is an update for the Sanfrancisco Tribe Zed Run journey!

Racing Update

We have won 200 races!

Our next goal is still the big 500. While we probably will not reach this mile stone before years end, we hope early in 2022 we will be able to accomplish it.

In addition, we have 209 second place finishes and 167 third place finishes!

200 stable wins

In full transparency, we actually stopped racing for about 2 weeks. This was due to the changes to the payouts and amounts required to enter races. During that period, it was much harder to find a decent race and it seemed there were issues with races populating certain distances.

After the reversion of these changes, the new update to the rake that Zed Run is taking from races down to zero, and the tournaments, we have returned to racing full time!

Most notably, we have found out that our horse “Anyone?” is quite a monster even in C1. We are quite pleased since we bought that Z3 Szabo unraced!

In addition to the Szabo crushing C1, our C3 horses Different Gravey and Major Speed have been running up to C1 and still performing quite well for the tournaments.

Stable Update

SanFran HorsesOur stable has had a few changes as well!

Currently we have 18 horses in our stable.

  • 9 genesis horses
  • 3 legendary horses
  • 4 exclusive horses
  • And 2 elite horses

To largest changes to our stable have been the three horses we bred in early December:

  • Golden Pony – strong mid distance runner
  • Not A Cat – flames a lot and seems to be a good sprinter
  • Out Of Coffee – Another strong sprinter, and has great parents, so we expect great things out of this horse

In addition, we sold one of our strong C1 racers – Welcome Home!

The guys over at SRS – Burgy reached out asking if we had any horses we were willing to sell. After some negotiation, they decided to purchase Welcome Home from us!

We wish them all the best with this awesome horse. Make sure to check out their Twitter here!

Pity Tournament

The last thing we want to talk about is the Pity tournament!

Zed recently ran its first ever tournament where horses had to actually place 4th in order to get the most points for qualification. More information about the tournament can be found here for those interested in the complete setup of the tournament – Zed community page.

Surprisingly, we had two horses that were up for the job!

So much so that we actually got a horse in the grand finals for bracket A AND for bracket BQ We were just as surprised as everyone else.

Sadly, our horses got smashed by a few Z1’s in the grand finals, but along the way we managed to get around $1,000 in tournament winnings. While this is not life changing cash, it still felt great and made us really appreciate the racing scene.

Our two horses that made it to the grand finals were:

  • More traditional – Our Z5 genesis Finney made it to the grand finals in bracket A!
  • Different Gravey – Our Z8 genesis Buterin made it to the grand finals in bracket B!

While we did not win tens of thousands, we still extremely enjoyed the tournament and the winnings.

We are excited to continue our luck into the Fib 2.0 tournament! In the first Fib tournament, we had horses make it to quarters and semi-finals as well, so we have high hopes!

Zed Run Blog Post 8

Thanks for reading our eighth Zed Run Blog post!

While there has been a good amount of FUD about Zed Run lately, we are extremely optimistic about the future of the platform!

Stay up to date with us and our Zed Run journey by following us on Twitter!