Zed Run Coat Color Chart – Learn The Basics

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Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we quickly cover the Zed Run Coat Color Chart!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Coat Color Chart

For those that have been trying to find this, here is the image that most people use to figure out if their horse has a rare coat color or not!

Zed Run Coat Color Chart

There are many things about coat colors that most people might not know.

For starters, it is extremely rare to get a “super rare” coat color. You basically have to have one or two breeding together with the same super rare coat to get the highest probability, but even then it does not always work out.

Although, there was a fun theory that failed super rare coat color attempts increases base ability. This theory is not confirmed, but was brought up by the one and only Danshan.

The rarest coat colors by volume are currently:

  • Aggressive Azure
  • Papaya Whip

Both coat colors have less than 300 horses in total as of writing this at 12/16/2021.

In addition, there is a unique coat color only found on the horse Billions called fortune.

Finally, the coat color of Oval Orchid can also only be found on one Z1 horse. We suspect that once this horse breeds it will start to pass this coat color around to the rest of the population.

Zed Run Coat Color Meaning

While some people might think that the coat colors have nothing to do with the horse, that is not what was intended nor is that what will end up being the case.

While there might not be a direct correlation to racing and coat color at this time, down the line we feel there might be more of a correlation then people originally thought.

Lets go over the main classes of coat color:

  • The first branch of coat color, “Neptune” is supposed to represent patient, well balanced horses that are eager to please.
  • The next branch is called “Earth” and represents horses that love to run, have naturally high stamina, and are fast learners. A negative about these horses is that they can be easily spooked.
  • Up next is the “Wild” class which represents horses that are tough, independent and consistent. These horses are supposed to excel at a marathon, but can be upset if frightened.
  • Next is the “Moon” color class which represents horses that are versatile, balanced, and spirited.
  • The next color class is “Fiery” which as you can guess represents bold, quick , and agile horses. These horses have a ton of speed from their long-legged physique.
  • Next to last is the “Classic” coat class which represents horses that are level-headed, courageous, and consistent in energy levels. In addition, they mentioned that these horses might fair better as a stayer aka a horse that runs at distance.
  • Finally we have our last coat class “Mystical” which represents horses that are highly intelligent, energetic, versatile, and suitable for all race conditions.

Coat Color Theories

There are a ton of theories currently around coat colors.

For instance, do they actually do anything at all for the horses ability? Do they matter as much when it comes to long-term value?

As we mentioned above, some people believe that certain failed super coat horses perform better than others. Who knows yet, but soon we will have the data to start to dig deeper into these kinds of questions!

Long-Term Value

Another good question is will these rare coats hold their value long-term?

There has been some debate on this, as of now there really is nothing maintaining the super rare and rare coat value of a horse besides speculation.

Long-term, many of the Zed core team members have expressed that they want to bring additional utility to these horses. Either by offering them special races, or by giving them an animation boost on the track.

We don’t know yet what the benefit will be, but the Zed team has confirmed that they are looking to do something down the line.

Zed Run Coat Color Chart Post

Thanks for reading out post on the Zed Run Coat Color Chart! We hope this post helps people to find this chart when looking for it and educates some people on the lore behind the coat colors!

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We’ll see you on the track!