Zed Run Horse Speed – Tips & Tricks To Succeed

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In this post we are going to discuss Zed Run horse speed! If you are new, you might want to fully read this post as it will drastically help you from purchasing a slow horse and investing too much time in a horse that will not return the favor!

We are going to be going over:

  • What is Zed Run horse speed
  • Why is horse speed important
  • Places to get horse statistics
  • Why you should be using flame
  • How this effects breeding

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Horse Speed

In the virtual world of horse racing, several things can give a horse its value.

Sometimes it is bloodline like Nakamoto or Szabo. Sometimes it is their type of Genesis or Legendary.

It can even be coat color like some of the super rare coats that usually bring in a premium.

Although, something that will always bring more value to a horse is it’s speed and race history. While race history is important, experienced stable owners will look past the typical standard statistics they see, and go straight for the horse’s speed.

What is Horse Speed

Zed Run SpeedHorse speed is the rate at which the horses can run races.

For instance, a standard time for the 2000M race is around 120 seconds. While that might win some races, overall it is an average time for the population of horses on the platform.

Horse speed allows users to know more than just wins and losses. It allows them to dig into the potential of a horse.

Why Is Horse Speed Important

As we just mentioned, horse speed is what gives a horse it’s depth.

The horses on the platform are more than wins and losses, flame and odds. They have underlying stats that will let you know their REAL potential. While most horses have not been raced more than 50 times, a horse really won’t show its full potential until its raced around 1000 times.

After about 1000 races, you will start to get a complete picture of the distribution of the horse. Horses with 50 races or even 100, are just a snap shot of what they fully will become.

Find Horse Statistics

Therefore, it is extremely important to know where to get statistics on horses.

Not every horse you buy will have 1000 races, but the more information you can gather on a horse, the better educated decision you can make on where to race them, and how much they are worth after all!

The three main sources we are going to use to retrieve horse speed data are:

  • Know Your Horse (KYH)
  • Zedrun Tools
  • Hawku

Lets dive into the first tool, KYH and we’ll talk about a useful tool that we like: The density chart per distance!

Side note*

We will be looking at one of our very own horses in the Sanfrancisco Tribe StableJocka’s Truce!

Know Your Horse Speed

Almost every Zed head knows about Know Your Horse!

There are A LOT of great tools and metrics on this site that you can use. One in particular that we like is the Density chart. You can find these charts by searching for a horse and clicking on “speed analysis” on the left hand side of the screen. Or it might be hidden somewhere in the menu if you are on mobile.

Anyways, the charts allow you to see your horse’s performance compared to the population standard curve.

Similar to a Z-curve, these charts are great in fully getting a grasp on the range your horse has.

For instance, our horse Jocka’s Truce performs extremely well at 2000M as we can see because his average race times are a full standard deviation above the rest of the population!

Know Your Horse Speed
Know Your Horse Speed

Use this tool on your own horses to figure out how the compare to the population, or use it to check out if a horse is worth purchasing! Either way, a great tool to add to your arsenal.

Zedrun Tools Charts

The next tool we are going to use is from a platform called Zedrun Tools!

While Zedrun Tools has many many awesome features, the one we use the most is similar to the last one. To get to this chart below, search a horse and click on “rank analysis” on the left side of your screen. Or in the menu for mobile users.

This tool compares your horse’s performance to the rest of the population in terms of straight percentages. If you hate curves like in the last tool, then this one might be more straight forward for you.

The main difference is that this tool does not fully capture your horses range or tell you the number of races per distance, but it is still a great metric to review!

Below is Jocka’s Truce’s chart. As we can see again, he excels at 2000m and the 1600m standing at the top 85% and 84% of the population respectfully.


Zedrun Tool Horse Speed
Zedrun Tool Horse Speed

Make sure to look up your horses on Zedrun Tools and learn about all the other cool charts and data you can observe on the platform.

Hawku Statistics

The last platform we are going to discuss is Hawku!

Hawku really is more of a general overview for us. Sadly, we have not had the time to fully dig into the platform, but it has been quite successful at measuring a horse’s overall speed for us.

As you can see below, Jocka’s Truce’s speed in total is in the top 95.6%! Clearly this horse has wheels for legs because he is rolling all over that track.

To get to this chart type in your horse’s name and click on “speed data” right below their picture.

Hawku Horse Speed

What is Zed Run Flame

The last thing to consider when it comes to measuring a horse’s speed is the newest addition to the platform, flame.

Flame is an indicator that Zed Run uses to let users know which horses in each race have the most potential!

Zed Run Flame or Heat
Zed Run Flame or Heat from KYH

This is probably one of the neatest features on the platform. Very early on, you can start to tell which distances your horse is strongest at, even if they are not winning races. This is an awesome tool to help those new to the platform or those not great with data.

From just paying attention to the distances your horse gets flame at and the general level of competition in the race, you can easily find the sweet spot for your horse to excel at!

One thing to consider is that flame, like odds, is relative to the competition per race. For instance, if your horse gets put in a race with plenty of weak horses then it might get flame at a certain distance. Where as in a race with stronger horses, your horse might not get flame at the same distance. Pay attention to this!

Although, what about offspring? Does any of what we talked about matter for a horse’s offspring?

How Speed Effects Breeding

At the end of the day, horses are money machines when it comes to breeding.

Generally, a fast horse will rake in a much larger stud fee compared to slower horses in hopes that the offspring will inherit some of that speed!

While we don’t know for sure how this works, there is a decent correlation to speed being inherited for the most part. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Horse preferences like distance are not an inheritable trait
  • Z value has a part in letting a horse carry on its traits to the offspring
  • Bloodline is mostly just is an indicator to the ultimate potential a horse can reach if you get lucky (like a more expensive lottery ticket with bigger prizes)
  • Offspring get most of their traits from the male (around 65%) and less from the female (around 35%)

With that information, be careful with what and who you breed with!

Zed Run Horse Speed Post

Thanks for reading this post on Zed Run horse speed! Hopefully, this post will educate readers enough to makes smarter purchases, race better on the track, and ultimately enjoy Zed Run more!

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