Zed Run Horse Stamina – How To Manage It

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Today we will be discussing one of the most recent changes to virtual racing – Zed Run Horse Stamina.

There is plenty of debate already across the community on what it is, why it is important, and mainly how to manage it. Therefore, we are going to dive in today to answer some of those questions, and hopefully help you guys win more races!

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Zed Run Horse Stamina

The newest addition to the horse racing algorithm is stamina. The funny thing about these additions to the platform is that the developers don’t exactly fully explain what these changes do.

In fact, they gave the community very little information at all about the impact of stamina on a horse. They more consider this as a discovery phase for players, which is kind of cool in ways. At the same time, it can be very frustrating.

With the limited data we have so far, lets take a look at what stamina is.

What Is Horse Stamina

Horse Stamina

Zed Run horse stamina is a metric to let the stable owner know how tired a horse is. In other words, how much energy a horse has left in the tank.

If you look above at the image we provided above, you can see a little curved bar going around each horse. This is their stamina bar! Right now, it is quite hard to view stamina except when trying to enter races.

Many of the data platforms like Know Your Horse are currently trying to build out plugins and features to make these metrics more accessible for the community.

Stamina in general is a simple concept, but leaves plenty of questions unanswered like:

  • At what percentage of stamina does a horse no longer compete at full capacity?
  • What are the effects on a horse’s stats from continually racing with low stamina?
  • How long does it take to fully replenish a horse’s stamina?

Well, we are going to try and answer those below. lets dig in deeper to why stamina is so important.

Why Is It important

Stamina is important because it can drastically effect a horse’s ability to perform in races.

This is clearly an issue since it is imperative for horses to perform at their best in races to maintain their stats, win money, and continue to show.

If a horse is unable to perform, then slowly their stats start to fall. This can impact several things like:

  • An assets overall value
  • How much a horse can charge for stud fees – male horse
  • How much a U/U/U offspring can be sold for – female horse
  • And obviously the amount of races you can win

As we can see, stamina can effect everything about a horse if not cared for properly or fully understood.

So, lets dive into some tips we have learned to help managing your horse’s stamina.

How To Manage Stamina

While the stamina feature is new, you have to imagine that people all over the community are trying their best to figure it out.

Here are some general rules that pertain to stamina that should help you manage it:

  • Only race up to three times per day

This is a general rule for horses. If you race them over three times per day then you will start to see them perform poorly on the 4th-6th races. Now, some people have begun to use this to their advantage to class down during these races. But, if you use more of your horse’s stamina in the day before, it will not be fully replenished by the next day for those 3 prime races you want to get in.

As you can see, there are trade offs. If you plan to race your horse every day, then you might want to find a suitable middle ground for down classing vs performing.

  • Winning races might take more stamina

Something that we have personally noticed with our horses is: the faster they run in a race, the more stamina that is taken up.

On several occasions our horses have only raced twice in a day, but performed really well in both races. After trying to sign them up for that third leg, we realize that their stamina bar was lower than usual!

This could just be a coincidence, but it is definitely something to be aware of.

  • Longer distances might take more stamina

The next thing to really consider is the distance that your horse races in.

We have one horse “Minty Fresh” that excels at 2400m races. So much so, that it is all we race her in.

Ironically, we have also noticed that she seems to tire out more frequently than other horses (she is a Z3 by the way). This COULD be tied to her performances, but even when she underperforms it seems to still drain more of her stamina.

  • Some horses might have more stamina

While this is not confirmed by the Zed team (to our knowledge), it definitely feels true.

Some horses seem to be able to run significantly more races per day without losing much stamina. To our knowledge and from a conversation with Danshan, it does seem that the lower Z score a horse has, the high stamina pool that horse COULD potentially have as well.

For instance, a Z1 should be able to run more races per day than a Z5.

General Questions

From this, lets try to answer some of the questions from above.

At what percentage of stamina does a horse no longer compete at full capacity?

It is generally believed that under 90% stamina a horse will start to show diminishing returns. Simply put, it slows down below 90% and needs a carrot break. 

What are the effects on a horse’s stats from continually racing with low stamina?

This one is not as quite intuitive.

No one really knows at this point, but clearly it will not be good. There will need to be a way to determine a horses potential at full stamina VS certain percentages of stamina. This could greatly effect a horse’s value on the market as well because owners could race anywhere from 1 to 5 times a day at different strengths ideally.

For example, would you rather purchase a horse that only places 1, 2 or 3 every race at full stamina and then falls off after that. Or purchase a horse that is more consistent for lower percentages of stamina allowing you to race more per day? These kind of questions will have to be answered by the market and data down the line.

How long does it take to fully replenish a horse’s stamina?

This is also a toss up. If a horse if going unraced, it should not take more than 24 hours to replenish a horse’s stamina. Although this can vary at how low the stamina is from its previous races.

Horse Stamina

Thanks for reading our post on Zed Run horse stamina! We hope you benefit from better stamina management and get more wins!

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We’ll see you on the track!