Zed Run Influencers And Streamers – Learn From The Best

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Zed Run Influencers

Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this post we are going to be taking a look at some of the top Zed Run Influencers and streamers in the community!

We are very excited to bring this list to you since it could seriously help those new to Zed find the right people to listen to and learn from!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Top Zed Run Influencers

In this post we are going to cover some of the most well known streamers and influencers currently in the community. Here is our line up for the post:

We took the time to personally reach out to each person or group above and get THEIR words for the following:

  • Who they are
  • Where they are from
  • What their favorite thing about Zed is
  • What kind of content people can expect from them

While there are a bunch of influencers in the space, each of these guys has done wonders for the community already.

Make sure to take the time to go follow them on Twitter to keep up with everything they are doing for the space!

We are going to go ahead and jump into this post to give them all the attention they rightfully deserve!

Naruto Racing

Naruto Racing

Who is Naruto Racing?

Naruto Racing is a group of three people: Ian, Brendon and Remy! Ian and Brandon met in Korea after going to the same college and became close friends.

Ian met Remy when he was invited randomly to join a trivia night at their apartment complex so that they could beat a group of 70 year old ladies who dominate every Wednesday night.

Thus, Remy was added to the group!

Ian grew up in Las Vegas, NV.

Brendon is from Warwick, NY.

Remy is a native of Louisiana from Houma.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Zed?

We love to clap the cheeks of other horses and we ain’t talkin about breeding.

All aside, I think we love to find horses that may have been overlooked and improve upon their ROI.

In short, we just love to race. We are addicted to proving what we think with analytics and research on the track.

We are fiends for competition and calling out other stables and horses for some good old friendly races on the tracks.

What Kind Of Content Can People Expect?

I think our stream is a direct representation of how we have spent these past 5 months racing and learning Zed. We are passionate, we drink, and we don’t take things too seriously. We just try to have a good ole’ time.

I hope when people watch us they see themselves in us because in reality we are basically just broke college kids yeeting a stimmy check on digital horse racing.

Although, it would be a disservice to the team if we didn’t mention that we are focused on helping people learn how to race, evaluate horses, and how best to have fun in the Zed ecosystem.

I hope they tune into our channel for a good time and maybe take some pointers away on racing/breeding. We love when people even help us with our theories!

There’s power in numbers, and we can’t possibly test all of our theories. The more eyes on what we think the merrier.

Naruto Racing Socials

Find us on Twitter here and catch us live streaming on Twitch here!

MJ Stables 

MJ Stables

Who is MJ Stables?

MJ Stables is a guy from Illinois making waves through the NFT space!

I am the owner of MJ Informatics which is a platform to help people learn about their horses and improve their racing!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Zed?

I love that it’s a blend of technology, gaming, and sport that brings people from all walks of life around the whole world together.

It’s amazing to see so many people come together for one platform, all trying to help each other and learn from each other.

Really, I am just so excited for the future of the space as a whole. I am glad to be apart of it.

What Kind Of Content Can People Expect?

I focus mainly on providing educational content as well as  providing people with the proper tools to optimize their stables!

I want any Zed Run users to be able to come to my site and benefit from the Resources page to expand their basic knowledge about Zed from some of the top content creators in the space.

At the same time users can dive into ZEDalytics to learn how to best run their horses.

Hopefully, overtime both of these tools can help to improve the overall Zed experience for everyone on and off the track.

Obviously, people can join my Twitch as well to learn about the platform and have a good time while doing so!

MJ Stables Socials

Find me on Twitter here and catch me on Twitch as well here!

Zombie Racing

Zombie Racing

Who Is Zombie Racing?

Zombie Racing is a group from the UK. We host races and try to help the community through our website!

We are the proud owners of Zombie.Racing!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Zed?

Our favorite thing about Zed Run is by far the community.

It is extremely welcoming and everyone is out here trying to get new players into the game and help out in any way they can.

The top stables are always hosting giveaways, passing along information, and overall just building out a solid support system for anyone that comes across Zed interested to participate.

If you are new, make sure to dive into the community and take advantage of the discord to learn as much as you can from others.

What Kind Of Content Can People Expect?

We provide tournament content in the form of the Zombie Racing Club.

This is a season of tournaments that give donkeys and true legends of the track alike chances to compete for serious prize money.

Already we have given away hundreds of thousands of dollar in ETH and horses away to winners and we are just getting started.

In addition, we also host tournaments for other Zed Run communities. We see it as a great way for the community to grow through more participation and overall by just having fun racing our horses together!

Zombie Racing Socials

People can find us on Twitter here and join races on our website here!

East Coast Stables

East Coast Stables

Who Is ESC Stables?

East Coast Stables is owned by a fun guy from New Jersey that is very much involved in the community through multiple avenues!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Zed? 

My favorite thing about Zed is the community.

The game itself is a handful of fun but what makes it even better is the community that’s been built around it which includes all the third party sites, streamers and video makers.

Without the people, I am certain Zed would not be where it is today.

What Kind Of Content Can People Expect?

I just started streaming recently, but many people come to me with tons of educational based questions.

In addition, a lot of people just want help with getting set up on Zed run and picking their first horse! I do that all the time for people.

I’m a high energy person so expect a lot from me, but I will always do my best to help you in anyway that I can!

East Coast Stable Socials

You can find me on Twitter here and watch me on Twitch here!

Zed Guru

Zed Guru

Who Is Zed Guru

Zed Guru is a stable owner from Auburn, AL.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Zed?

Outside of being very aligned with my hobbies in terms of enjoying physical horse racing, tech, and investing – I think that my favorite thing about Zed is the fact that everyone can pick an entry point and a strategy that they believe will work best for them.

Then people can just try that strategy out, build upon it and fine tune it to succeed in this space. You can do that with just about anything from breeding to racing.

What Kind Of Content Can People Expect?

I hope that my content can be very analytical and in a way exhibit a “Level 2” sort of thinking.

There are a TON of great content creators who do awesome ‘on-boarding’ for beginners, and I believe my content adds to that by giving people different strategies, analytical thinking.

In short, I am to provide some of the ‘high level’ discussions that will be fun for both newer players and experienced players alike.

I always like to participate in community events and host these discussions in a fun and constructive way!

Zed Guru Socials

You can find me on Twitter here or check out our site for some additional content!


DanShan Blood Tool

Who Is DanShan

DanShan is a stable owner and tool provider from Portugal that was relocated to Costa Rica for work.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Zed

Naturally, I love racing! I originally joined this platform to race, but have transitioned into more of a breeding mentor for the community due to my tool and analytics background.

I think the best thing about ZED is the love users have for the platform.

Even with some bad snaps on drops and other hiccups along the way, Zedders have hung in there and the game is still growing.

What Kind Of Content Can People Expect

Users can expect a professional grade breeding tool with my Blood Tool which gives them an advantage over the rest of the community.

I think my racing algorithm is really the secret to all the DanShan hype.

That includes the hype around breeding, but most people forget I came in as a racer not a breeder.

It is just that I used my racing algorithm to design a solid breeding plan for other people to benefit from as well.

DanShan Socials

You can find me on Twitter here or check out my site for breeding content and benefits!

Zed Run Influencers Post

Thanks for checking out our post on the top Zed Run Influencers in the community! Make sure to go give each of them a follow on Twitch and Twitter, and keep up with all the great content that are pushing out.

We’ll see you on the track.