Zed Run Official Tournament – Hundreds Of Thousands Up For Grabs

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Today we want to update everyone on the Zed Run official tournament!

Here is what we are going to discuss:

  • Zed Run official tournament
  • Qualifying for quarter finals, semi finals, finals, and grand finals
  • Tournament prizes

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Zed Run Tournament

The hottest news in the Zed Run space is the recent tournament that the platform has launched!

The tournament is for all distances, all horses, and will ultimately end up with only a hand full of winners for huge cash prizes.

The first ever ZED RUN tournament will start with a two week period called the qualifiers starting on October 15, 2021. 

The best showing horses for all distances over the period will qualify for the tournament.

The cool thing about this tournament is that all races will qualify you no matter if they are a paid race or a free race. Every race counts towards qualification.

In addition, Zed Run has changed free races to no longer have a prize pool.

The previous rewards for winning a free race will now go towards the official tournament prize pools!

Zed Run Race

Qualifying For Quarter Finals

The tournament is based on a leaderboard that is broken down by the three sets of distances over 30 races that are run in the allotted time from October 15 to October 30. 

Here are the sets of distances a horse can qualify in:

  • Sprinter category: 1000M, 1200M, 1400M
  • Mid Runner category: 1600M, 1800M, 2000M
  • Marathoner: 2200M, 2400M, 2600M

It is important to note that a horse will only qualify for ONE set of distances that it ranks highest in. A single horse will not qualify in more than one distance set.

After October 30th, the top 192 horses in each distance set will be chosen. In total, 576 horses will be selected across the three sets of distances.

The way the horses will be selected is by their show rate on the first 30 races run in between October 15th and October 30, no matter the distance run! 

Horses will rank in the distance set they raced most in.

For example, if a horse runs 15 races in 2000M, 5 in 1000M, 5 in 2200M, and 5 in 1800M here is how it will break down:

  • This horse will be placed in the Mid Runner category since it ran a total of 20 races (out of the first 30).
  • The races for the 1000M and the 2200M will still be counted in its average for show rate
  • If the horse places in the top 192, then it will be selected to compete in the Mid Runner Category

Quarter Finals

Afterward for the quarter finals, the top 192 horses in each set of distances will be given additional races to run in their respective distances.

  • Sprinters will run at 1200M
  • Mid tier at 1800M
  • Distance at 2400M

The cool thing about these races is that only the top 3 of each race will continue on in the tournament. In addition, each race will be grouped by class and horse skill.

For instance, the top horses will race against each other in class 1, while the same happens in class 2, 3, 4, and 5.

This will happen for all the sets of distances to make for more competitive and better races.

After the quarter finals, 48 horses in total will progress to the Semi finals for each set 0f distances or 144 horses in total.

Semi Finals

The semi finals will consist of 12 races across all sets of distances.

This will be the first part of the tournament where horses are NOT separated by class or ability.

For the semi finals, horses will be randomly placed in races (still in their preferred set of distances).

For instance, a class 5 1800m runner could be placed against a class 1 1800m runner in this part of the tournament.

Each distance set will have 4 races for the horses to run. The top 3 horses from each race will progress to the Finals

This means that only 12 horses from each distance set will be in the finals!

Run Finals

In the finals, there will be 36 horses in total left over.

  • 12 horses in the sprinter category
  • 12 horses in the mid tier
  • and 12 horses in the marathon runner category

This is where things heat up since theses are the tip top horses from all distances and all classes.

There will only be ONE race run per distance set, and the top 4 horses will advance to the grand finals from each race.

Zed Grand Finals

Once we have our 12 BEST horses in all of Zed, it will be time to let those horses go head to head. This will be the first part of the tournament where the top horses will directly compete across all distance sets.

Here is how the grand finals will play out:

  • First race: 1000M
  • Second race: 1400M
  • Third race: 1600M
  • Fourth race: 2000M
  • Fifth race: 2200M
  • Sixth race: 2600M

In addition, the 12 horses racing in the grand final will be given points per race that will contribute to see who is the best in the business! Here is how the points will be given out:

  • 1024 points for first
  • 512 points for second
  • 256 points for third
  • 128 points for fourth
  • 64 points for fifth
  • 32 points for sixth
  • 16 points for seventh
  • 8 points for eighth
  • 4 points for ninth
  • 2 points for tenth
  • 1 points for eleventh
  • 0 points for twelfth

The winner will be determined by the amount of points each horse accumulates over the 6 races!

Zed Tournament Prize

Tournament Price

But what about the prizes right? Here is how the prize structure will break down:

  • 13% will be given out in the grand final amongst the 12 horses
  • 19% will be given out in the finals amongst the 36 horses
  • 23% will be given out in the semi finals amongst the 144 horses
  • 45% will be given out in the quarter finals amongst the 576 horses

In addition, here is how the prizes will be given out:

  • First place finishes will get 60%
  • Second place finishes will get 25%
  • Third place finishes will get 15%

Zed Run Official Tournament

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