Zed Run Racing Tips – Learn How To Race

Welcome back to the Tribe!

In this post we will be covering racing in Zed Run! Most specifically, we will be going over some of the basic tips you’ll need to know before you head out on the track.

We will be covering things like:

  • Racing Basics
  • Researching your horse
  • Finding the sweet spot
  • Studying the competition
  • Patience Pays off

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Learn How To Race

From learning about the different horses to understanding charts and graphs, starting Zed Run can be quite the bite for some people to chew. Therefore, we want to help some of the new comers digest their “food” with these education posts.

In this one we will be digging into – learn how to race. Lets kick things off with racing basics.

Zed Run Racing Basics

Zed Run is not complicated to understand, but at first the mission can seem daunting. There are different classes, a range of distances, too many stats, and so much more that all factor into whether or not your horse will preform well!

Not to mention all the other things like stamina, user error, and the occasional unlucky day that can make anyone want to pull their hair out.

Lets take it step by step with the racing basics and start off with the simplest part – classes and distances.

What Are Zed Run Classes

Assuming you have already purchased your horse and moved it onto the Zed Run platform, you might be looking to enter your first race!

First thing to consider before picking a race is your horse’s class. The races on Zed Run are split into 5 main classes, free races, and one special class called a Griffin:

  1. Class I – hardest class
  2. Class II
  3. Class III
  4. Class IV
  5. Class V – easiest class
  6. Free races – can be split out by class, but typically less competition
  7. Griffin – first free race for horses that have never raced before!

The classes are quite self explanatory. Class I is the highest and class V is the lowest. The class system’s main purpose is to keep strong horses from racing with weaker horses.

For instance, a class I horse can not race in class III races. This is because that would be unfair to the other horses in the race and heavily skew the race. Although, ironically a class III horse CAN race in a class I race. Although, we don’t recommend it.

Once you figure your horse’s class (the number and letter beside their name), you need to decide what distance to race at.

Race Distances

Probably the MOST important thing to consider when racing your horse is the distance.

Why you ask?

Because every horse has a preferred distance that they like to race! Most horses will excel at one, two, or even three distances, but be miserable at every other one.

A great indicator of what distance your horse excels at correlates with the new flame feature on the game. Flames are suppose to indicate the strongest three horses per race in that specific distance.

If you horse is getting flame in a specific distance, it is probably a good idea to keep racing there.

Most successful horses will actually only race one or two distances over and over capitalizing on their strengths!

That does it for the racing basics – lets discuss researching your horse!

Researching Your Horse

Know Your Horse Example
Know Your Horse Example

While you might think, why not just race him?

Well, because that can cost a lot of money. You need around 30-40 races at least to get an understanding of a horse. The more races, the better you will understand how the horse preforms.

The best tools in the game currently to view race history, stats, and population norms for comparison are:

On each of these platforms you can research any horse on the market! Each platform will give you different data, charts, graphs, references, and overall speed scores. It is your job to slowly figure out which one you like the most and start relying on!

I highly recommend bookmarking these tools. Look up your horses race history, find its strengths, and test them yourself!

Find The Sweet Spot

We mentioned this earlier about distances. You need to find your horse’s sweet spot.

Most of the time that is the distance at which your horse gets flame, but sometimes it can be the distance that they can actually win the most.

Some horses perform very consistently getting first to second all the way to sixth or seventh without ever getting last. Which is great! Although, your horse will continually climb classes this way until they are either out classed, or able to battle at the top levels.

Some horses are just horrible and never win. Those are called donkeys. We don’t want these horses!

Lets explore two other types of horses.

U-Shaped Horse

Some horses end up being good at getting first or last almost every time. These horses are commonly called U-shaped horses.

They have a very special property. U-shaped horses either win, or lose every race which means that they will usually keep their class and not promote as often. This actually enables them to earn a higher profit margin over time and maintain a healthy level of competition at the lower classes.

A-Shaped Horse

Another kind of horse is called an A-shaped horse. These horses are strong horses, but never can quite pinch off a win or finish in last. These horses will commonly have a negative ROI over time since you only get paid out in first, second or third position.

In addition, you only demote when you get 11th or 12th, so these horses actually struggle long-term, but could still be good for breeding.

It is very important to figure out what kind of horse you have and find your horses sweet spot for success!

Study The Competition

Zed Run Racing Strategy

Another huge part of winning races is knowing who you are racing against. Therefore, before entering any race you will want to study the competition.

What this means is take the time to see who is already registered in a race before joining! Know Your Horse has a great section on races that will help you see the rate of fire for all the horses in a current race.

The main idea is to avoid tough competition. Why would you want to race against a horse you know is stronger than yours?

Long story short, don’t just gamble your money away. Study your competition and maximize your chances for winning races!

Be Patient

While the other things above are more important in game, this is the most important advice out of game – be patient.

So many people get impatient waiting for the perfect race to pop up so they just join race!

But, there is no point in racing if you have not done the steps above and picked the right race. Once you are confident your horse has a huge chance of wining, it is time to enter. Anything else is just gambling.

Be patient by:

  • Not racing more than three times per day
  • Waiting to find a race in your horse’s best distance
  • Studying the competition beforehand
  • Take the time to learn your horse
  • And by not being impulsive on this platform.

The slow and steady will come out ahead over time and benefit from it financially!

Learn How To Race Tips

Those are our tips for people that want to learn how to race on Zed Run! We hope this post will help you increase your win rates, get more profit, and overall just help you to enjoy the platform more over time!

We’ll see you on the track!