Basic Breeding Update

It is generally understood that ZED Run is a breeding game, and we are finding it to be a very difficult one.  It will likely take years before we find true patterns to leverage, especially at the genesis on genesis level.  The last breeding update was written to give a simple visual of a breeding plan (link).  This plan is very basic and highlights the first steps for inbreeding horses.  This article explains what next steps I am taking.  

Inhouse Breeding

I have been experimenting with Buterins and it has been difficult to breed strong performing legendary horses.  The horses I have bred in house that I am using in my breeding trees are Unrefined Crystals (link) and Triple Metre (link).  They have low odds, but not great win percentages.  The dams are Pretext Dreams (link) and Dark Deal (link) and One For Rocky (link) as the sire.  I will use these 3 genesis horses to begin to build and look to the community to find champion quality genetics.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette
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Legendary Hunt

Since it has been very difficult to breed good legendary horses in house, I am looking to leverage community success.  I closely track horses that are bred with my sires in hopes that the results are similar to Supreme Impulse (link) at Papa G Stables.  I contacted Papa G Stables and am working a trade for a foal from Supreme Impulse.  I also will trade for a foal from Final Impulse and focus on breeding Supreme Line.  That will allow me to start working together using Supreme Impulse’s strong genetics.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette
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Additionally, I reach out to stables that own strong legendary Buterins. Primo Filius (link) is one of the most dominant legendary Buterins in the game and is especially easy to reach through his twitter (link).  I DM’d Primo and asked if we could breed my genesis mares with his father, and now I have Bedsheet Suprise (link).   Next, I will breed Pretexts Dream and Dark Deal with Rush To First so have I can leverage Primo Filius’ success with inbreeding.  

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Keeping It Exclusive

Using the strong legendary genetics available in the community, I will begin breeding out exclusive horses.  The exclusive mares that I breed will then be bred back into genesis horses being used .  I will breed the foal of Bedsheet Surpise with One For Rocky until I receive a filly and breed that horse back into Rush To First. I will continue to knead these genetics into the exclusive mares.  I will then breed successful exclusive mares and stallions to create inbred elites.   

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


In conclusion, it is proving difficult to find patterns to create strong legendary horses.  I am looking to leverage the strong genetics of the best legendary horses by breeding with their parents and working collaboratively with the community.  Breeding will not be a simple solution and will take time and coordination between stables for the best results. 

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