Breeding Theory Post-mortem

It’s been well over a year and thousands of tweets into our ZED Run journey and it is now a time to reflect. Much has changed in that time with the first mass adoption movement to some of the largest sales in ZED’s history.  Our newest upcoming change is to the breeding algorithm, and it appears now is a good time for a review of the ZedGazette breeding theory.  

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ZedGazette started as a compilation of old ZED Run articles, guides, and blogs created by the team and their different community managers.  However, it quickly grew into more than that.  Dr Ian and I were creating our own theories for ZED at the end of 2020 that focused on a replication of IRL techniques blended with what is possible with genetic algorithms.  After the large growth of new stables from NBA TopShot and the rising prices of genesis horses on the drop, we decided to share our plans.  We were concerned that too many $10k+horses would be lemons on the track.  Users needed a path to leverage these horses to breed future champions.  Unfortunately, we were wrong.

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Racing Game

Consistently in articles I have pointed to the importance of ZED Run being a breeding game over a racing game.  Racing a horses successfully and for a large profit is only a small percentage of the users within the ZED ecosystem.  Currently, there are a handful of stables that dominate the field of competition and leave little room for small stables to have upward mobility.  This is the flaw in a racing first game.  Racing is a game for the few and breeding is a game for the many.  The skill and strategy to breed the horse that dominates Billions or Breathless Edge should be every stables attainable goal.  

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New Chapter

After the results we have found breeding, it is more than time for an update to the breeding algorithm.  This update will usher in a new chapter to ZED Run similar to the racing algorithm of the great reset.  I hope to see a combination of base ability, breeding ability, and IRL techniques such as inbreeding/line breeding leveraged to create a successful system for all stables.  Virtually Human Studios is building the team that is capable of taking ZED to the next level and I am excited about the future.

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In conclusion, it was a swing and a miss.  I am disappointed after all the tests that this game is currently not reflective of IRL strategies.  Who knows what the future holds, but I am sure we will all solve it together.  Good luck to everyone with the new algo! 

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