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Build Stud Demand

ZED Run will always be a breeding game, because the horses we hope to breed horses better than their parents. Every stable’s goal should be to combine great DNA to achieve a greater result. This article takes a look at how do draw demand for your lower breed horses above the average crowd. 


My adjusted breeding strategy is to focus primarily on champion legendary breed horses.  A major focus for my plan is Primo Filius.  He is a pure bred legendary Buterin that is a solid earner with roughly 18% win rate.  Primo Filius will naturally draw demand for foals with his past performances and strong earnings.  However, there is very limited availability for him in the breeding barn.  Sharing this quality of genetics will prove difficult. 

Cousins.. Again

In regards to IRL horseracing, inbreeding is a very important strategy in the stud farm.  Equally so, I believe it will be in ZED Run. As previously mentioned, it will be difficult to breed with the quality of horses comparable to Primo Filius.  For this reason, I believe stables lucky to own champion should create copies.  An example is Minimus, who is from the same sire and dame as Primo Filius.  For an average stable, breeding with Minimus offers them the opportunity to enter a promising bloodline without the same competition.  These champion copies offer a new leg of cousin lines to inbreed with the champion. 

Exclusive Offspring

The ZedGazette Team (ZGT) breeding strategy stands by the theory that eventually elite breed horses will easily prove to be the greatest racers.  This belief brings into question how to build demand for exclusive breed horses.  While I do not think breeding with legendary horse champions such as Primo Filius, Supreme Impulse, and Vanilla Bean there will be a chance to breed with their foals. These exclusive foals, IMO, will prove the perfect breeding pair for the cloned cousin lines.  Personally, I would pay premium to breed with the stallion version of Vanilla Bean to breed that foal with her exclusive colt offspring. 


In conclusion, some of the best bred horses will always be out of the reach of the average user.  Creating copies of these horses and breeding them out at a discount will assist in driving demand for lower breed horses.  If I have a foal from Minimus 

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This is not financial advice, but merely my own experiences within the Zed Run.  If this information has proven helpful, please consider donating to 0x4370c9D09D4AC084949b4ff101d59DFa75F9B6A3.

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