Middle Ages Review

ZED Run is a game of theory and discovery.  There is little information passed to the community from the team on strategy and breeding techniques.  Currently, there are a growing number of theories to explain how to best breed.  The major difference between the ZedGazette Team (ZGT) theories and others is it’s foundation in traditional horse racing.  Inbreeding has been in practice for IRL horse racing since it’s inception.  This article takes a look at an inbred success named Middle Ages. 

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Inbreeding has been an important piece of IRL horse racing for hundreds of years.  A genetic study from 2005 found that the 500,000 thoroughbreds tested came from 28 foundational horses and a single super stud (link).  Inbreeding has always been an important tool for animal breeders and is used to leverage desirable characteristics.  An easy example outside of horse racing that leveraged inbreeding is the creation of the dog breeds we know today (link).

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Legendary Focus

Breeding in ZED Run is difficult and it will take a large amount of trial and error.  Genesis on genesis breeding seems to be very inconsistent even with the same sire and dam.  With this in mind, I started focusing on strong legendary horses (link).  The primary horses I am working with is Primo Filius from Kraks Stable (link) and Supreme Impulse from Papa G Stables (link).  Middle Ages (link) is inbred from two of Primo Filius’ foals. 

Middle Ages

Today’s example is Middle Ages.  Middle Ages is a z71 elite breed Buterin and that has a short career with 3 races.  However, in those three races he already has a win and flames at 1400m.  He is triple inbred with the sire and dam from Primo Filius, and has two foals from Primo bred together.  Finding a z71 elite Buterin that is capable of flames and winning is difficult, unless you do it on purpose.  Now I need to decide if I will continue to race him, or wait for an expanded class system where he can truly shine.


In conclusion, accidents happen but not very often at pure z71 elite Buterins.  Inbreeding has been a long standing practice in animal breeding and especially racing horses, and the ZedGazette Team (ZGT) theory is leveraging it for ZED Run.   

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