Mixing Breeding Trees

As always, ZED Run is a breeding game.  It is a difficult one that may feel random at times, but we are still very early in the discovery process.  In time we will find patterns to help guide us.  This article looks at what next steps I am taking in the breeding plan and Dr Ian’s recent success. 

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Foundational Legends

In the last article my goal was to begin mixing strong legendary horses, and it will soon be a success.  Primo Filius (link) and Supreme Impulse (link) will soon meet in the breeding barn.  These will be the foundational legendary breed horses we will build out from.  Papa G Stables and Kraks-stable will breed copies of their champion horses and trade, then for two months breed Supreme Impulse and Primo Filius with each stable receiving one foal.

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Half Siblings

In the simple breeding plan it shows how you can breed half siblings together with the same sire.  This is not meant to be the continuous pattern, but more an example of what is possible.  The patterns I am seeing with inbreeding on the legendary level are not strong, but that does not mean these exclusive foals cannot be leveraged in the future.  Every month stables should experiment with their genesis and legendary horses to add more DNA to the mix.

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Katherin Johnson (link) is a Nakamoto pacer with 4.9% flame rate, 20% win rate, and 80% ROI at last sale.  K-Jo is a mad science creation in Turing’s Lab by Dr Ian.  Dr Ian used some of the best genesis horses in the game, including 3 legendary foals from Breathless Edge in the mix.  I’m sure throwing in Insane Hymn and Alive After Five didn’t hurt, either.  Dr Ian does not have access to the genesis horses and had to work down past elite breed, but this is the experimentation it will require.  Breeding syndicates will become increasingly important. 

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In conclusion, breeding champions will not be an easy task and it should be.  ZED’s timeline is such that our horses will outlive us and we would not want there to be an overly accelerated timeline.  Breeding champions IRL is no simple task, and it will be the same in ZED Run.

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