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One of the most felt bottlenecks within the Zed Run ecosystem is a competitive racing system.  Currently, all stables are racing on the same track in straight lines and on sunny days.  We only have the option to visit Zed.Run to sign our horses on the track.  Soon we will have additional options such as Atari racetrack,  but another addition will be party  mode racing.

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There are no definitive answers to what exactly party mode will look like on release.  There are only rumors and hints that have been dropped during interviews and on Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse chats.  The Zed Run team has been adamant that party mode races will not impact class records.  Racing results in party mode will act as an amateur record comparatively.  This will prevent stables from misrepresenting a horse’s ability in the aftermarket. 

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


The rumors surrounding Zed Run’s party mode gameplay sound similar to the controls available to future Zed racetrack owners (link).  Race makers in party mode will be able to invite friends to race with different criteria such as color group, bloodline, breed, etc.  The major difference between track ownership and party mode gameplay will be the ability to limit the field of competition.  Party mode may have 1v1 races, while racetracks may not.


Zed Run party mode gameplay will be the greatest driver of adoption within the ecosystem.  Now ownership of a horse offers competition between friends and family, without the fear of being Crimson Chin’d.  Party mode makes Zed Run a game for every level of stable.  My greatest wish for party mode is that Zed will offer licensing to sports bars that allows stables to take their horses out on a Saturday night and compete with friends.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


In conclusion, Zed Run has big plans on the horizon.  Party mode racing offers a chance for friends to form competitive rivalries from their couches across the world.  It allows Pony Plug’s stream to run a tournament and really let the smack talk fly, and families to show who is really the best Zed breeder.  Zed party mode will be fun.

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