Roid Rager

ZED Run is not a new game.  The ZED team has been working hard on the game for over 3 years, which means it has some history.  This article takes a look at one of the most memorable moments from ZED’s past.  The breeding of Roid Rager.  

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Breeding Shutdown

The end of 2020 was an eventful time for ZED Run.  We had just gone through The Great Reset (link), and now users were being told that breeding would be shutdown.  The reason for the shutdown was to migrate the breeding smart contract from the Ethereum blockchain to Polygon.  While breeding on Ethereum blockchain, stables would have to pay for gas for each foal.  The migration would allow for gasless breeding.  When gasless breeding finally arrived it was only open a few days and Roid Rager was born. 

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Roid Rager is a Z5 Szabo legendary horse that raced and won 11 times (link).  His average odds were 1.29 and he had a profit of .7395 ETH.  All of these statistics are staggering on their own, but what was more impressive was his impact on other horses.  In his griffin race he pushed horses to odds of over 200. We had never seen odds over 50 and the second favorite in his griffin was 80.89.   In his career, no horse had odds below 30 against him.  Roid Rager is easily the most dominant horse to ever step on the ZED track, and he was made from a glitch.  Breeding was shutdown again.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

The Glitch

Roid Rager was the champion racer he was due to a glitch in the breeding contract.  The new breeding contracts deployed on the Polygon blockchain following the migration were flawed.  The contract had “double stacked” the DNA of Roid Rager.  The ZED team explained that the parents DNA was implemented twice during the minting process into a single legendary horse.  However, this breeding glitch did not cause the races or game to fail.  The races generated, populated, created odds, and completed.  If Roid Rager was a true glitch and was outside the possibilities of a horse’s quality the race should have failed.  This glitch, in my opinion, showed a perfectly inbred horse and future possibilities. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Roid Rager is the most dominant horse in ZED history.  He was born from a glitch that was caused by the migration to gasless breeding on Polygon from Ethereum.  However, this glitch did not stop the game from functioning.  In my opinion, Roid Rager gave a glimpse of the strength of future bred horses.  

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