ZED Pass Review

ZED Run has introduced a new product to the ecosystem that has great potential to add depth to the community experience.  Currently, the ZED Pass utility is vague and open ended which has some stables hesitant to purchase.  In my opinion, this offers the opportunity for community driven utility.  We can ask for the utility we want to see.  This article reviews what is possible as a ZED Pass holder, and what can be done better for future drops. 

ZED Pass Potential

The ZED Pass reminds me of similar community driven utility NFTs such as the Metakey (link) where holders are offered exclusive perks.  It has been released that airdrops exclusive to holders will take place, as well as each edition having their own branded drops.  ZED NASCAR Pass holders will receive merchandise or wearables with NASCAR branding.  Utility I hope to see in the future is raffles, ZED HQ meetups, whitelisting for future drops, and additional benefits for future IRL meetups (ZED Con). 

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Broken Drops

Today’s reality is there are very few projects that are able to execute a drop efficiently.  Drop success of projects with the demand comparable to ZED Run is nearly zero.  With that in mind, this drop needs basic adjustments and improvements.  Firstly, the team should of used an existing ZED Run wallet to deploy a custom ZED Pass contract.  This would have provided a certified blue check from OpenSea.  The ZED Pass was rated at the least trustworthy status because of this.  Secondly, releasing the passes one by one let bots purchases run out of control.  In the future I hope we have a landing page to mint from, better communication, and mint on Polygon blockchain.  

Community Driven Utility

The utility offered from ZED Pass is still vague by offering future additional perks.  This may prove a chance for the community to let their voices be heard.  If the roadmap is in development, it would be difficult for the team to ignore popular community ideas.  If we want special racing opportunities for higher prize pools pass holders we can tell the team.  Ideally, it would be best for ZED to create a system for idea submission and voting for ZED Pass holders.

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In conclusion, I believe ZED Pass has potential to better community engagement and offer a new variety of utility.  Drops are still a mess within the NFT spaces with any popular project.  However, there are still improvements that need to be made before the next edition.

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