The Top 9 Unanswered Questions (For Now) About Zed.Run

Zed.Run has a lot of mysteries … some will be answered sooner (TM) than others.

Here’s our summary recap of the best unanswered questions as it pertains to Zed.Run:

1. How Do I Breed a Winner?

For now, and maybe for a long time… no one is going to know the exact formula about how to breed a winner.

Here are the biggest factors to go off of until we learn more about the Zed.Run Breeding strategy… (maybe??)

  • Bloodline
  • Breed Type
  • Z#
  • Parents Win Rate / Odds

2. Will Newly Minted (Drop) Genesis Horses Have a 30-Day Waiting Period?

While most people including Jay have said that this will probably not be the case, it has not yet been confirmed by the Zed Team whether or not the newest “drop” Genesis class will be allowed to breed right away.

3. What Will Prices Do…. This Week? This Month? This Year?

Listen, it’s extremely hard to predict any kind of market economy. Here’s what we know:

There are roughly 55,000 users (as of 5/26/21) in the Zed.Run Discord. There are roughly 7,000 active Stables with at least one horse. There are articles being written in the New York Times, Yahoo Sports, among others as well as Tik Tok popularity and collaborations like the Preakness Auctions. There are websites popping up like this one.

Zed.Run seems like a good bet to have some lasting power.

However, no one can guarantee what will happen in the next month let alone the next 12 months.

The new breeding limits seem to be a positive change for the game — the 30 day rule especially means the whales won’t be able to just crank out bred horse upon bred horse in an hour or so.

That’s extremely good for the market – and I’m biased considering I started a whole website about the game, but I think that alone will give the game a good amount of staying power.

As far as disclaimers go…. (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE)

  • Don’t invest what you aren’t willing to lose
  • Don’t invest what you don’t understand in
  • Be aware that Zed can make changes at ANY time and you are not entitled to anything. If everyone decides to quit playing — yes, the market will crash. No one should play Zed thinking this is a forever game…. be responsible 🙂

4. What Is “DEZ”? Will It Be Valuable?

With apologies to those who are a bit more technically inclined than me … Dez is a “token” (?) that is going to be airdropped to Stable Owners who have Genesis Horses in their Stable.

The amount will be scaled to your Z# so Z1 receives much more “DEZ” than Z10. According to some people on Discord… DEZ could be used for any of the following:

  • Voting Rights
  • Revenue Share
  • Could be used for things like entering races

……. MAYBE. We don’t know much since Zed’s initial Vision Papers and much of that has changed. DEZ is truly one of the more mysterious aspects of Zed.Run, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a bad perk of owning Genesis Horses. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more of them just based on DEZ’s potential – but who knows what risk will bear what reward.

5. Will There Be A “Betting” Side to Zed.Run?

Right now, the website “” lists the “Odds” for upcoming Races that have been so important to racing to this point.

However, you could only wager fictional “ZEST” on the site – and most users were never really able to access any of their fictional “ZEST”.

With betting being such an important piece to the physical horse racing world, it stands to reason that betting could become a big part of the Zed.Run economy as well.

The Zed Team basically will not be able to touch this side of things themselves due to regulations… but 3rd parties and other integrations may be able to expand on this component exponentially allowing for some interesting long-term developments out there.

It’s hard not to look at the massive income numbers from legalized sports betting in the US and not see dollar signs here as well.

6. What Will Happen To Odds?

This is one of the MOST controversial topics in Zed.Run right now. The Zed Team announced that in 4-6 weeks (Somewhere between 6/11 and 6/25 according to my math) the Odds that are listed on the “ZEST” site are going to be completely overhauled.

It’s well known that lower-odds horses in the single digits could easily out-perform their odds and horses in the 30’s or 40’s were easily under-performing. (They should be more accurately labeled as 999-1)

What isn’t well known is ANYTHING that’s happening next with odds. Will we be completely in the dark? Will a replacement come in a similar fashion but less tied to a “betting” term? (this is my pick personally)

Since Odds are really the only way to tell what horses are good and which ones are glue … removing or changing them in a major way is going to be a MAJOR change to the Meta and an opportunity for those who are paying attention to pick up a big edge.

7. What Will Happen to The Class System?

Speaking of racing… the 5-Class System will eventually be changing. Since there’s not much to say about the unknowns, I’m simply going to compile a list of questions that we simply don’t know the answer to:

  • Will there be more Classes (or tiers in Classes) soon?
  • Will the 4-3-2-1 Point System be changed?
  • Will Zed introduce special races like Claiming Races?
  • Will Zed introduce specific classes like Maiden Runners or Buterin-Only Races?

All of these seem to be fairly likely – but what we don’t know is the Timeline and we don’t know what changes will occur to the Meta of the game.

Stables who can react quickly will be the ones who find an edge right away.

8. Bad Weather & Gate Preferences

First of all, let’s clarify what we do know:

The way your horse will run in different weather as well as the fact that it has a Gate Preference has already been coded into your horse’s genetics…. but those preferences are not currently “turned on” right now.

What effect will this have on horses?

The Zed Discord LOVES to jump in and say “Hey, a bad horse could be great in the snow!!”. I’m not such a big believer in that. Sure, weather may add variance and getting your horse dialed in becomes more important with Gate Preference…. but I truly do not believe 40-odds racers are suddenly going to be relevant just because it rains a little.

Also – we have no clue how far away Weather is to the current Meta.

9. What’s Going On With Super Coats? Super Rare Coats? Super-Duper Rare Cool Coats?

I’ll be the first to admit… I’m not really too concerned about the color of my digital horsies. I got involved because of racing and the fact that I’m a degenerate gambler.

So… when people who I respect like beloved ESPN personality & DK Milly-Maker winner Al Smizzle take on the topic in the Discord as well as on YouTube – my eyes start to glaze over.

But, I do admit it’s a mystery. I’m just going to link his video instead of trying to explain it myself – because I’m sure I’ll get the titles and the summary wrong to be honest. Enjoy!

Your Turn!

What’s your favorite unanswered question about Zed.Run? Comment below and you may see your question added to our list of Zed.Run mysteries!

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