Inside Zed Run Episode 4

Inside Zed Run Episode 4

Inside Zed run episode 4
In this episode we interview Poseidon of poseidon stables and Boots from Retro Racing.

Poseidon is one of the most well known content creators for Zed run he also has owns several of the best horses on the platform. Poseidon has also put together a very good youtube series for beginners.
Poseidon’s youtube
Poseidon Swag shop

Boots of Retro Racing is great race commentator. He is trying to become the voice of Zed. Retro racing is a group of 5 that owns a stable.
Retro Racing Twitch

Swag shop.

MJStable co-host Zed Run enthusiast also very active almost nightly on twitch
tool created by MJ for analyzing your race horse’s performance

Golden Glow Master co-host Zed Run enthusiast and independent game developer

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Poseidon Stables
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