2022 Roadmap: Q1 Recap

With the first quarter of the year now wrapped, we can’t wait to push ahead into Q2 and look forward to what’s coming. But first, let’s take a moment to recap all that was achieved since the release of our 2022 Roadmap.

Q1 Delivered

Target Summary
Revamp the Class System Class System Updates were deployed on Feb 14. This update introduced changes such as Discovery racing events and a new Class 6.
Daily Tournaments On Feb 6, the team launched Daily Tournaments. Since that time, new daily tournaments with $20,000 USD prize pools have been run and approximately $900,000 USD has been paid out.
Smart Contract Upgrade To deliver additional functionality and the rollout of skins in 3D, the contract upgrade process went live on Feb 23.
Skins in 3D ZED RUN Skin owners now have the ability to attach and detach skins to racehorses, enabling them to race in style in 3D.
Breeding Improvements Major update to breeding where traits and abilities will now be passed down through generations more predictably. Skill, strategy, and knowledge of not only your stable but also of others, will be rewarded with better offspring.
Upgraded Tournaments Page A new view displays all current and previous tournaments. Stable owners can view current standings and find out where racehorse(s) are placed.
Eligibility Conditions Conditional-based racing events first launched in March, beginning with eligibility for racehorses with win rates below 5%, then 0%.
Race Scheduler Updates Improvements to the race scheduling logic have rolled out in phases, beginning with the round-robin scheduling. The following phases include the auto race generator and racing event timeouts.
Timewarp A new feature allowing you to rewind, fast-forward, skip, and replay a racing event, so you can relive all your greatest ZED RUN moments.
Jockey Mode A new feature enabling racing events to be experienced from the point of view of a jockey.
Increased User Feedback To further engage community and gain insight, the UX team rolled out a series of surveys and learnings have been applied in the decision-making process.


Event Summary
Celebrating One Million Together with the community, ZED RUN celebrated a milestone of one million races and awarded a special skin NFT to those who participated in the historic one millionth race.
Acquisition of Spectre Studios Virtually Human Studio (VHS) acquired Spectre Studios, a leading virtual production company, to expand creative production and elevate its entertainment brand.
Super Foal Tournament ZED RUN launched a special tournament centred on Super Coats, delivering the very first instance of Super Coat utility and venture into more niche tournament conditions.
Increased Communications With the demand from community for more communications, the team has released weekly news via the ZED RUNdown series, including Product Roundups and AMAs with more to come.
Community Creators To further support our content creators, a new initiative was launched providing opportunities for further engagement and collaboration with the team. This group is led by Community Creators Coordinator Harold, together with Community Liaison Adam (aka Zed Gazette).
Class 1 Premier A new tournament format, open only to racehorses competing in Class 1, providing extra incentives to compete in higher entry fee racing events.
2022 NASCAR Cup Series at ZED RUN For the first time and in celebration of NASCAR’s 2022 season, the team launched a NASCAR Track Passholder Challenge and NASCAR Track Open Challenge to spark competition for stable owners.

Community at Heart

Throughout Q1, a number of notable community-led events, streams, and new releases sparked plenty of conversation and created incredible engagement and fun across the ecosystem including The Community Cup, Hawku’s new marketplace for ZED RUN racehorses, MVG’s Moscato Cup, BOTLADY’s 15 minutes of Fame series, and most recently March Madness hosted by PonyPlug and Zombie Racing.

Looking Ahead

The team continues to strengthen in scale with a number of key hires recently added to the roster of ZED RUN’s talent. These new team members will be introduced in the coming weeks as more details and plans are released for the coming quarter.

No doubt many are anticipating news regarding the ZED Token. An update was recently announced noting the ZED Token has been deployed on testnet and is currently under audit by Quantstamp, with an updated target of early Q2, to ensure a successful integration.

To help fast track the launch of the ZED Token, the token issuer and developer have officially partnered with Republic Crypto, who have worked on some of the biggest token launches to date, including Star Atlas, Avalanche and Polygon. Together with our collaborators, the team is committed to integrating a token that is sustainable for the ZED RUN ecosystem and delivers on the long-term utility for our community.

NOTE: The function of any token integrated into ZED RUN is subject to change. If you intend to acquire the token(s) on a secondary market, we hold no responsibility for the increase or decrease in the token(s) value. By nature, cryptocurrencies represent inherent risk and you should seek independent advice.

In the coming weeks, more information will become available alongside the rollout of many long-awaited and highly anticipated product updates ranging from auto-gate selector to racing filters. Hold on tight as we charge forward into the next big season. Q2 is coming for you, ZED Headz.

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