Class System Updates are Coming!

Tired of watching your underperforming racehorse get left in the digital dust of a monster racehorse? Want your elite racehorse to climb to the peaks of ZED RUN and face the best of the best for the biggest prize pools?

The new class system updates are coming and they represent the first big step towards a more dynamic and competitive ZED RUN class system.

The new class system is the first step towards fairer and more dynamic racing. We know there is plenty of work left to do however this is a major step forward.

Chris Laurent, Founder

This blog has got you covered with what to expect and how the transition from the current class system to the new class rating system will work. For the full details and explanation, check out the ZED RUN Guide.

What are the new Class System updates?

We are introducing the first phase of the improved Class System. This phase includes an update which determines a racehorse’s class by calculating a racehorse’s rating according to its position at the end of any given race, relative to the field of competition. This will more accurately represent a racehorse’s rating based on its past performance. 

How will the updates impact me?

In order to transition to the new system, a few changes will be implemented:

  • Discovery races. All racehorses, both new and previously raced, will have to complete a series of races in “Discovery races” before they are assigned a class. This process is to establish their initial class rating. New racehorses will still be required to complete a Griffin race before their Discovery races. AllDiscovery races are free to enter. Class rating point changes will be multiplied by 3 for a racehorse’s first 10 races in order to speed up discovery.
  • Stamina in Discovery races. Racehorses will not be able to enter Discovery races if they are below 80% stamina. This means completing all 10 “Discovery races” may take a couple of days. Additionally, once a racehorse reaches its designated class, it will not be able to enter a race while below 30% stamina.
  • New Class Rating Score. All racehorses will be given the same initial class rating score. These ratings will be replacing the current class points system. Racehorses will gain and lose class rating points for each race they run, based on the strength of the competition. Players will not be able to see their racehorses’ scores until after they have completed all 10 Discover races. More details are in the ZED RUN Guide.
  • Class Distribution. Based on the class rating score achieved from the Discovery races, each racehorse will be distributed into a corresponding Class (1 to 6), resulting in a fairer distribution of racehorses.
  • New Class Brackets. We will be introducing a new Class 6 bracket and the breakdown of new classes will be as follows:
Grouping Rating Score
Class 1 1620 +
Class 2 1560 – 1619
Class 3 1500 – 1559
Class 4 1440 – 1499
Class 5 1380 – 1439
Class 6 0 – 1379

When will the updates happen?

In order to implement the transition to the new class system, racing downtime will be required. We will be winding down all racing events until there are no more races open or scheduled. Advanced warning will be given about the exact timings of this downtime.


What does this update mean for my racehorse’s current class rating?

Current class ratings will be replaced, and a new class rating assigned to each racehorse, based on their performance in the Discovery Class races.

How is the new Class System calculated?

We have consistently communicated that the new Class System is based on the ELO method which will help provide fairer and more competitive racing.

Although this new ranking system will not eliminate sandbagging it in its entirety on day 1, it certainly will contribute to fairer racing. Coupling this with a new classing system that places an emphasis on winning and (not losing) will also be a major step forward. We want to make “classing up” a good thing and a rewarding thing. Stable owners should be incentivised to class up.

What will phase one of the Class System updates achieve?

The update provides a better measure of racehorses’ abilities compared with the competition, leading to better integrity for the classes. This allows us to better define what an underperforming racehorse is, for example, and more accurately create tournaments and events aimed at specific types of racehorse. 

The update is also a necessity for when we move into a seasonal system, where class ratings may operate on a seasonal basis, and daily and seasonal leaderboards offer different rewards and incentives for striving to be the best.

After phase one of the updates to the Class System, what is the next phase to be introduced?

Upcoming features such as Seasons, Entry Conditions, the Ultimate Tournament Experience and more will all contribute to a vast and varied racing experience, which will allow all racehorses to find a place in the ZED RUN ecosystem.

For more information and FAQs about the update to the Class System, visit the ZED RUN Guide.

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