Daily Tournaments Coming: $20,000 USD Prize Pools

The future of ZED RUN tournaments starts now. Daily Tournaments are coming, with $20,000 USD prize pools every single day, starting very soon!

Introducing Daily Tournaments

Daily Tournaments will soon replace the current weekly schedule of multiple tournaments. We will run one Daily Tournament every day of the week.

How will they work? Glad you asked. The Daily Tournaments will be structured and operate in the same way as the weekly ones, breaking up into Tournament A and Tournament B once the Qualifying Period concludes. Distance funnels will remain the same, as will the number of racehorses that qualify for each distance funnel.

To be eligible for tournament qualification, racehorses will need to complete a minimum of five races in a specific distance funnel during the Qualifying Period. The tournament finals will consist of Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals for each distance funnel in both Tournament A and Tournament B.
All information for the Daily Tournaments can be found in the ZED RUN Guide.

The Future of Daily Tournaments

Daily Tournaments represent a big step towards the Ultimate Tournament Experience described in our roadmap blog. Running tournaments across shorter time frames allow us to test our new tournament system, while simultaneously offering more variety and regular excitement to the ZED RUN racing landscape.

While we test the Daily Tournaments, we’ll also be working on the further developments needed to offer tournaments with specific Entry Conditions and a much wider range of formats and structures.

Our end goal is to place the power in the hands of you, our stable owners. We envision that you will create your own tournaments and racing events so that you can finally live out your dreams of party mode.

Initial Daily Tournament Schedule

Monday: Podium Plate
Tuesday: Keep On Winning Cup
Wednesday: Fibonacci Cup
Thursday: Podium Plate
Friday: Pity Point Cup
Saturday: Keep On Winning Cup
Sunday: Fibonacci Cup

Qualifying for each daily tournament begins as soon as the qualifying period for the previous one ends. This means that qualifying will start at 10pm UTC and run until 10pm UTC the following day, with the finals events directly following qualifying.

Daily Tournament Event Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC)
Qualifying 10 PM 10 PM (following day)
Quarter Finals B 10 PM 10:10 PM
Quarter Finals A 10:10 PM 10:20 PM
Semi Finals B 10:20 PM 10:30 PM
Semi Finals A 10:30 PM 10:40 PM
Final B (Sprinters) 10:40 PM 10:50 PM
Final B (Mid-Runners) 10:50 PM 11 PM
Final B (Marathoners) 11 PM 11:10 PM
Final A (Sprinters) 11:10 PM 11:20 PM
Final A (Mid-Runners) 11:20 PM 11:30 PM
Final A (Marathoners) 11:30 PM 11:40 PM

Next Steps

The introduction of Daily Tournaments represents a shift to Phase Two of our tournament testing process. With our learnings and your feedback, we’ll continue to improve development on the Ultimate Tournament Experience which includes: entry conditions, varied length tournaments running concurrently, user-created tournaments and more. Stick with us as we continue to work towards that reality, and we’ll see you on the racetrack.

Got Feedback?

We welcome your feedback on tournaments via the Product Portal.

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