Paying Homage

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of a familiar simulated reality populating across ZED RUN? 

No, it’s not a product bug or a computer glitch with ulterior motives – it’s a deliberate play to celebrate one of the most legendary artistic looks to come from the height of the dystopian cyberpunk genre.

Over the years, a number of creative groundbreaking sci-fi projects have left their mark on us, delivering imaginative concepts while sparking trends across the industry. Artistically for ZED RUN, science fiction has played an inspirational role in the genesis of, well, the Genesis.

The idea of a digital racehorse wonderland set above the clouds of a futuristic world is the ultimate culmination of influences gathered from some of the greatest sci-fi ideologies of our era. 

“Within the film and entertainment industry, one thing remains true – reference is key,” says Chris Ebeling, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Virtually Human Studio. “As a team, we creatively reference sources and visuals that have shaped and influenced us personally and together, we learn from a number of successful projects that came before us. Their elements inspire our own art and designs, enabling us to create new and innovative environments and experiences.”

Whether it be a comic book centered around space exploration or a film involving time travel or parallel universes, harkening back to pay homage to past greatness that planted the seed for future generations is the epitome of artists supporting artists. 

As 2021 takes its place in history as the year of the NFT, it is evident many projects have been born out of significant trendsetting moments from the past. We are all building upon what was and as we observe one generation of artists propelling the next, we celebrate past entertainment revolutions and future resurrections. 

As a team of creatives paying respect to all those who paved the way before us and whose visions sparked our imagination, we hope ZED RUN will continue to do the same for all creators and innovators now and into the future. 

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