Race Scheduler Updates

The ZED RUN race scheduling system is being improved and has remained a high priority across both our product and engineering teams. We recognise the importance of providing a wide variety of racing events across all distances and classes to encourage stable owners to compete and qualify for tournaments on demand.

To improve the race scheduling logic, the team will be implementing changes in a phased approach, making it easier for you to find and enter the racing events you want.

Phase 1: Round-Robin Scheduling Logic

For this phase, we will introduce a round-robin style scheduling logic, which will remove a lot of the randomness from the current schedule. This will make it easier to determine when a specific distance race might be generated.

How does it work?

The round-robin schedule works by cycling through and generating races at each of the different distances in order, ensuring a wider range of distances are being generated equally.

For example:

  1. A 1000m race generates
  2. The 1000m race fills, runs, and finishes
  3. A 1200m race generates 

The pattern above continues in a cycle through the different distances. We will introduce multiple schedules for each entry fee in a class, which will be staggered to ensure sufficient variety, but also predictability.

For example, if there are two round-robin schedules in Class 1 for $50 entry fees, one may generate races in a sequence beginning at 1000m, while the other may begin at 1800m.

Phase 2: Auto Race Generator

With the Auto Race Generator, the team will be able to automatically scale the number of racing events created, based on a forecast of demand. It will generate new ones according to demand and run alongside the round-robin scheduler to ensure consistency.

This will optimise the overall output of racing events, controlling the number of open events at any given time. This feature will be in continual development as we work to optimise the logic to meet the needs of our stable owners.

Phase 3: Racing Event Timeouts

Racing Event Timeouts will cancel any long-standing races that sit in the events page for too long, refunding those that had already entered.

This will allow for a higher rotation of races with more demand, while still giving the races with less demand an opportunity to be filled.

Got Feedback?

Race scheduling improvements are an ongoing process and we welcome your feedback on all the phases of these improvements via the Product Portal.

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