ZED RUN Product & UX Roundup

If you missed the Product Roundup last week, it is because we have decided to combine the Product and UX Roundups into a jam-packed fortnightly Roundup, to bring you more details and more hype-inducing screenshots.

Let’s dive straight in…

The Team

We are proud to announce that over the next four weeks we’ll be onboarding some gaming veterans to the ZED RUN family to help scale the racing side of things. As a result, we’ll be beefing up our product department with newly formed teams working on racing, tournaments and the scheduling of races, which we know is imperative to building a sustainable ecosystem. We will announce these hires very soon!

Auto Race Generator Update

We are currently testing Phase 2 of our race scheduler updates – the Auto Race Generator – and are targeting the end of the month for its full release.

As a reminder, the Auto Race Generator will allow the team to automatically scale the number of racing events created, based on a forecast of demand. It will generate new ones according to demand and run alongside the round-robin scheduler to ensure consistency.

This is another step on our continued journey towards consistent improvements to the race scheduler, so your feedback is very much appreciated at all stages.


The racing team is in deep-planning mode around Seasons, with a big focus on implementing various reward structures to encourage racing upwards towards the higher classes.

In the shorter term, our newly formed LiveOps team will be running some special events, in the style of the Super Foal Tournament and NASCAR Racing Challenges, to promote different areas of the ZED RUN ecosystem, particularly the highest racing classes.

Token Update

Ah, the big question: wen token? Well, good news – you can expect to see a ramp-up over the coming weeks.

Quick status update:

  • We have finished updating our airdrop allocation formula
  • We have finalised our token utility rollout plan
  • A web page will launch soon with some key info

There will be multiple ways to participate, so fear not! Stay tuned for launch details, and overall token economics.

Surface Preference

In the last UX Roundup we shared a bit more about surface preference. Work is well underway, and we’re excited to reveal that surface-specific tournaments will be released alongside surface preference.

The five surface types are:

  • Soft
  • Yielding
  • Firm
  • Rigid
  • Hard

Each surface type will each have their own tournament to celebrate the release of this feature. More details will follow.

Racehorse Name Plates

NASCAR Pass owners got a sneak peek at racehorse name plate designs earlier this week in the dedicated, private Discord channel. Now you all get to see them too, and continue the fervent discussions!

We’ll have lots more details coming on name plates and how they will work, but for now, you can enjoy the screenshots of one name plate which is connected to a racehorse, and one which isn’t.

Trial Racehorses for New Users

We recently conducted some user testing with a clickable prototype of the trial racehorses feature. The feedback we received was invaluable and takes us one step closer to bringing this feature to full release.

We’ve also been evaluating the idea of ‘stable managers’ – where stable owners can securely delegate race access for their existing racehorses to other users. More details on this, and trial racehorses, are on the way.

Questions? Feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us in Discord or submit your feedback through our various UX surveys and user testing opportunities.

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