ZED RUN Welcomes Knights of Degen

ZED RUN has been Knighted! 

ZED RUN is excited to welcome Knights of Degen and its community to our virtual racetracks and beyond in a special NFT collaboration event. The days-long ZED RUN x KOD campaign kicks off a celebration of Web3 allies and our communities, with prizes and special events planned. 

The ZED RUN x KOD virtual renaissance festival has much to offer, so let’s get into the details. 

ZED RUN: The Knights April 11-14

As part of ZED RUN: The Knights, from April 11-14 twelve (12) Knights of Degen NFTs will be given away to the ZED community. Each day, one winner of Daily Tournament A will be chosen at random to receive a KOD NFT in addition to their share of the standard prize earnings. Additionally, two (2) users will be chosen at random from the pool of all racehorses that qualify for that day’s tournaments (both A and B).

In total, three (3) KOD NFTs will be given away each day from April 11-14. Full terms and conditions are available in the ZED RUN Guide.

Knights of Degen Community Event April 15

On April 15 at 8 PM EST, KOD will host a community event in Atlanta, Georgia featuring a custom ZED RUN race. Twelve KOD community members will be entered into the race, with those finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winning a KOD NFT. 

This special racing event will take place on a custom ZED RUN x KOD racetrack featuring imagery of the actual NFTs being given away. 

Getting to Know The Knights 

Launched in September last year, Red Beard Ventures Founder and Knights of Degen Co-Founder Drew Austin often describe KOD as a project born from what they thought was missing in the NFT space. Created by a group that loves talking about sports, stocks, crypto, and NFTs, the Founders didn’t see a community that ticked every interest box, so they decided to build one. 

One of the leaders behind KOD is actor Jerry Ferrera, best known for his role as ‘Turtle’ on the hit HBO comedy series ‘Entourage’ and appearances on the TV show ‘Power.’ 

According to Ferrera – an avid sports fan, and early ZED RUN racehorse owner – being a driving force behind the dream KOD had developed was a no-brainer. 

“I knew from my first conversation with Drew about joining the Knights of Degen team that the project would curate a unique combination of interests into one brand,” Ferrera says. 

“The idea was to create a community that would resemble the conversations we have on the phone with each other.” 

With multiple well-known celebrity backers – including former NFL running back Tiki Barber, Shara Senderoff (Raised In Space), Ja Rule (Recording Artist), and Cynthia Frelund (NFL Network) – KOD prides itself on delivering utility other projects can’t. 

“On the KOD website, you’ll see an entire page dedicated to utility and the benefits you get from being a part of Knights of Degen,” Ferrera says. 

“Whether it’s access to athletes and insiders, exposure to our sports and entertainment properties, or IRL events, it really comes to life through our community.” 

So, how did a long-discussed ZED RUN x KOD collaboration come to fruition? Ferrera says ZED was one of his first entry points into the NFT space, and seeing the brands come together could be just the beginning of a beautiful Web3 alliance.

“We’ve always dreamed of being able to watch ZED races live at a bar or together virtually in one of our future metaverse locations. This ZED RUN x KOD event on April 15 is just the beginning. That’s the future.” 

About Knights of Degen 

The Knights of Degen NFTs offer utility in a multitude of ways, including — ownership and control of sports franchises like the Fan Controlled Football team, a community-governed King’s purse holding sports-related and utility-focused NFTs, and participation in a decentralised media network in development in partnership with the KOD community.

The Team

Jared Augustine (Thuzio), Drew Austin (Red Beard Ventures, ZED RUN investor), Blake Jamieson (Artist), Jack Settleman (Snapback Sports), Peter Greczner, Brendon Augustine, Mike O’Day, and Clay Sutton. 

Join the Fun 🐎

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