ZED RUNdown Edition 12

You know the drill, ZED Headz. We’ve reached the end of another whirlwind week with a slew of community news and product updates to share, so let’s cut the small talk and get to the good stuff.


Remember back in January when we celebrated the one-millionth lifetime race at ZED RUN? Remember the video documenting our journey leading to that point? 

Yeah, about that. 

Folks, we are now approaching the midway point to our two-millionth race. That escalated quickly!

To date, ZED RUN has now paid out nearly $36 million USD in prize pool earnings, and we’re only just getting started. Huge thanks to our incredible community for continuing to ride shotgun as we continue to build. 

Humans of VHS

This week our Human of VHS blog features a key member of our VHS Creative team, Junior Producer Eva Ly

Have you been following our company news? Head over to our Medium blog to learn more about VHS and connect with our passionate team as we continue to grow.

Tournament Tracker 

Does your racehorse belong on the main stage with the greatest ever? Qualifying for our special Class 1 Premier tournament closes at 12 AM UTC on March 28. 

Claim your share of the $150,000 Class 1 Premier prize pool. Get started now by visiting our racing page and entering your Class 1 racehorse. For more details about this special tournament, visit the ZED RUN Guide.

In addition to the Class 1 Premier, our daily tournaments are always running strong with $140,000 in prize pool earnings awarded on a weekly basis. Tournaments are underway daily, so get out there and compete!

Product and Roadmap Update

To enable the Product team to deliver on the scope set out for 2022, we’ll be transitioning to monthly product updates. But don’t worry, we got ya. As progress is made, it’ll be captured here in the ZED RUNdown.

Recent updates: 

  • The Stud Farm was paused last week due to the discovery of a bug. Breeding has since been reopened, and you are once again free to procreate at your pleasure. Further details are available in the Announcements channel of our Discord.
  • A comprehensive Q1 check-in on our 2022 roadmap will be published in the coming week. We’re excited to take a moment to pause and celebrate what has been delivered so far and what’s yet to come. 
  • Conditional racing has begun to roll out for racehorses with 0% and < 5% Win Rates. As we test this new racing feature conditional races will be of the $2.50 entry fee variety.

Content Creators 

The ZED RUN community never ceases to amaze us. Whether diligently studying the game, grinding out an edge on the racetrack, or breeding strategically, content creators continually produce some incredible events.

The latest example of our community going above and beyond is the #ZEDMadness event organizer by numerous members of the ZED RUN community, including Zombie Racing, Award Racing, Pony Zook, and, of course, @ZEDDraft

Make sure to follow them and keep tabs on all the excitement as their bracket challenge crowns a winner. 

Community Milestones 

We love to celebrate any time we catch wind of a community member accomplishing big things on the racetrack. A huge congratulations to Pixie’s Paddock on their stables 3,000th-lifetime win! 

Winning a lot of races is one thing, but coming in first at a nearly 12-percent clip is quite another. Check out Pixie’s Paddock and follow them on Twitter for their insight and tips on how to race successfully. 

Join the Fun 🐎

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