ZED RUNdown Edition 13

Welcome to this week’s edition of the ZED RUNdown! 

It’s been a wild week at ZED RUN and we have much to share. From thrilling conclusions in high-stakes tournaments to ZED staff chats with the community plus exciting roadmap and product updates on the horizon.

Without further delay, let’s get into everything that was, is, and will be at ZED RUN!


ZED RUN Product Manager Jon Lee joined ZED Gazette on Twitter Spaces last weekend to chat about breeding updates. During the chat, Jon revealed a new tool that’s being developed for the racehorse procreation process – breeding catalysts

Tournament Tracker

Congratulations to the winners of the Class 1 Premier tournament, and to everyone that earned a piece of the massive $150,000 prize pool. 

The Class 1 Premier matched the greatest racehorses in the game against one another in a quest to crown some true champions. Expect more tests of the best in the future as ZED strives to reward the cream of the crop for their performances on the racetrack. 

Every day presents a new opportunity to win a tournament at ZED RUN, with daily tournaments available to enter all week long. Make sure to follow ZED RUN on Twitter as we keep the community up to date on all the winners. 

Check out the ZED RUN Guide for more information on how to enter all our tournaments. 

Community Stories 

Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? Probably New York Yankees fans and LeBron James. Maybe FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. But other than them? Almost no one! 

The Class 1 Premier tournament dished out an against the odds story too good to not share, with the last racehorse to qualify for the Sprinter funnel going on to take home a share of the first-place prize. 

Dodecahedron – raced by @Crispey_nfts for Doofy Racing – shocked the ZED RUN world, finishing in a tie for first place, besting legendary favourites such as Billions and Secret Strategy. Crispey tells ZED that coming out of nowhere for the win was a thrill, and shows anyone can compete with the best racehorses at ZED RUN.

“None of the guys on the Ponyplug stream had heard of Dodecahedron, nor did they talk about it. They will now. New legends are being made every day at ZED RUN,” Crispey says. 

“It’s a great feeling. It was hard work, but it shows hard work pays off and that the Szabo’s mean business.”

Roadmap and Product Updates

  • Daily tournaments are expanding, highlighted by the addition of a weekly Maiden. The first Maiden Monday is scheduled for April 11.
  • Conditional tournaments will soon include a variety of new subsets, including racing events exclusive to only Pacer and Z268 racehorses.
  • Daily tournament prize pools will be adjusted from $20,000 to $15,000, with funds being re-allocated to new racing formats, such as weekly racing tournaments, contests, and more. To reiterate — the total allocation of prize pool funds will not be depleted but rather dedicated to new events that will crown more winners.
  • Rotating tournament distances are coming, with Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals of all ZED RUN Daily Tournaments soon to be rotated within each distance funnel. This change will begin with the Podium Plate on April 4.

ZED RUN Refresh 

Have you noticed the ZED RUN Guide has recently looked a bit brighter and refreshed? Our team has been working behind the scenes to splash some colour and visual content across the Guide as we prepare for new initiatives in both onboarding and attracting new users. 

Long story short – the Guide has been in the spa getting some TLC, and it’s come out feeling refreshed. 

Below is a list of just some of the revamped pages.

The ZED RUN Guide isn’t the only place you’ll see some changes. Our team is planning a complete refresh of the community blog that will make content more engaging, organised, and accessible. You can expect to start seeing these changes in the coming weeks. 

Content Creators 

Congratulations to WAGMI Racing for winning the community-driven March Madness tournament! A special thank you to Pony Zook and Zombie Racing for their efforts to make this spectacular event a reality. 

Want to catch up on all the madness? The full results of the tournament can be viewed on the Zombie Racing website

Are you new to ZED RUN or just interested in a seasoned community member’s take on the game? DK Racing has you covered this week with a deep dive look at some of the game’s most talked-about subjects.  

DK covers ability, variance, distance preference, stamina, and breeding characteristics, so there is a little bit of everything to take in. Give the blog a read! 


This week’s RUNdown began by mentioning that a member of the ZED RUN team had recently chatted with ZED Gazette. Fittingly, we conclude our weekly catch-up with a reminder that another member of the squad – this time, ZED RUN Co-Founder Geoff Wellman –  joins ZG on Saturday, April 2 at 4 PM EST. 

Set a reminder and tune in! 

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