ZED RUNdown Edition 15

It’s time for everyone’s favourite portion of the ZED program – the ZED RUNdown! 

It was yet another big week at ZED RUN – with a lot going on! Let’s recap the highlights, check in on our community, and look forward to some exciting events planned.

Knights of Degen Week at ZED RUN

Knights of Degen Week at ZED RUN wraps up this Friday, April 15, with the KOD team hosting an IRL ZED RUN x KOD race party in Atlanta, Georgia. Three lucky KOD community members finishing 1st-3rd in the custom ZED RUN race will win a KOD NFT. 

As part of the ZED RUN x KOD collaboration, twelve KOD NFTs were distributed to the ZED RUN community. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to the Knights for a terrific event! 

Tournament Tracker 

NASCAR Talladega Cup at ZED RUN

The first event in the NASCAR Roadmap has arrived! The Talladega Cup will take place April 16-24, with a total prize pool of $75,000 available exclusively to NASCAR ZED PASS holders. 

In addition to the Talladega Cup, a special side tournament will be held for those who have the fastest, and slowest, 2600m times. 

For more information on this event and many others, please visit the ZED RUN Guide

Derby Day at ZED RUN

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner, and ZED RUN is celebrating the pinnacle of American horse racing with a special Derby Day event. 

With a total prize pool of $20,700 to be awarded, including $50 for all 144 racehorses that qualify, Derby Day at ZED RUN will consist of twelve unique races, categorised by racehorse type.

Qualifications will take place between April 15-29, culminating in the twelve custom races taking place on May 7. Additional information is available in the ZED RUN Guide

Product and UX Updates

  • Breed for speed! Maiden tournaments are back, with this past week marking the return of a community favourite. 
  • Tournament distances have been added to the racing page interface.
  • Tournament qualification cut lines have been added to make it easier than ever to assess your spot.

ZED RUN: Australia Meet-Up

A special thanks go out to @PonyRunOfficial, @Mach1raclng, @MrsRoidRager @roidragerracing, @Doofy_eth, @JockeysNft, and @philnjade for putting together what was a fun gathering of ZED Headz in Australia last week! 

VHS Creative Director Chris Ebeling was on the scene to meet the community, chat about ZED RUN, and, of course, cheer on the racehorses. 

Thank you to all that came out to the event! We’re looking forward to many more IRL meet-ups this year! 

ZED RUN Appearances

When Ebeling isn’t chatting up the ZED RUN community in person, he’s spreading good ZED vibes elsewhere, just as he did this past week when he appeared on the Origins podcast. The chat delves into a variety of subjects, including innovations in blockchain technology, and the promise and possibilities of a future Web3.

If you missed Ebs chat with @marcmynome, give it a listen!

Recent Top Sales 

The @zedsalesbot is back and filled with absurdly expensive fuel, so let’s take a look at some notable recent ZED RUN racehorse sales. 

Racehorse Breed/Bloodline ETH/USD at time of sale
Supreme Polarity Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 45ETH/$145,872.00
Vast Sensibility Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 26ETH/$83,608.46
Clap Along Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion 4.5ETH/$13,577.00
Music City Z2 Nakamoto Legendary Mare 4ETH/$12,419.66
Build it You Bum Z4 Szabo Genesis Mare 2.6ETH/$8,466.65
I’m a Ducky On The Edge Z5 Legendary Szabo Stallion 2ETH/$6,046.12.00

Community Stories

Do you remember what you were doing on your eighteenth birthday? One ZED RUN community member definitely does. To be fair, it was only last September, and it just so happens to be the day he signed up for ZED RUN. 

Fast forward to today, and RT has Horses has turned his initial $250 birthday deposit into a $13,000 purchase of a Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion named Clap Along

Not bad. Not bad at all! 

“I had to wait until my eighteenth birthday to play ZED RUN because it was the first day I could legally purchase crypto,” RT has Horses says. 

“I still haven’t invested more than my original deposit. I mainly flip racehorses, but have also made money breeding Genesis Stallions along the way.” 

While the results are eye-popping, RT has Horses says his results haven’t been born from luck.

“My goal when joining ZED was to earn some passive income before going to college next year. I also wanted to expose myself to crypto more.” 

He says the inclusive nature of the ZED community made it that much easier to accomplish his goals. 

Regardless of age, RT says any new player will need to do their homework and be dedicated to the craft to be successful at ZED. 

“With that knowledge will come the power to make your own decisions on what racehorse to buy.”

Content Creators

Mr. Twitter Spaces himself, ZED Gazette, has started a ZED RUN Book Club! Join ZG and his co-host @BootsInTheBooth as the pair breakdown the first six chapters of the groups’ current book that focuses on the history of cryptocurrency, especially, Ethereum.

Creator Events  

Do you have a ZED RUN event you’d like to share with the rest of the community? If you do, we want to know about it, so we’ve created a form that makes it easier than ever to get our team across all the details. 

Whether it’s an IRL event, a community-led tournament, or just something fun you have planned on a stream, send over the details as early as possible so we can make plans to share them with your fellow ZED Headz! 

Join the Fun 🐎

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