ZED RUNdown Edition 16

Salutations, ZED Headz! It was another jam-packed week of activity at ZED RUN, with much more on the way. 

Let’s check in on all the action, including multiple tournaments in progress and a host of community activations in the latest rendition of the ZED RUNdown! 

Derby Day at ZED RUN

Have you qualified for Derby Day yet? Qualifications are underway, concluding on April 29. Learn more about how to qualify here

No racehorse? No problem! You can win a ZED racehorse just by entering our social media giveaway. To be eligible to win, simply follow the steps in this tweet to enter. Winners will be announced on April 22 UTC. 

Full terms and conditions can be found in the ZED RUN Guide

Talladega at ZED RUN

Qualification for our NASCAR Talladega tournament concluded April 21 UTC. The Grand Finals take place on April 24 at 5 PM UTC. In addition to prize pool earnings, the top three (3) Grand Finals winners each will receive a pair of garage passes! 

For more information visit the ZED RUN Guide

Top Sales 

The @zedsalesbot had another busy week at the office! Let’s take a look at some notable ZED RUN racehorse sales from this past week.  

Racehorse Breed/Bloodline ETH/USD at time of sale
Troubled Paradise Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 20ETH/$60,411.80
Azure Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 17.5ETH/$52,871.26 
Touch Down Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion 5.3 ETH/$16,044.40
Beatboxing Broccoli Z4 Szabo Genesis Mare 3.7ETH/$11,265.85
Ping and Pong Z3 Szabo Genesis Mare 2.84ETH/$8,602.43

Pony Zook on His Support of Extra Life

Anyone that has spent a fair amount of time in the ZED RUN community is undoubtedly familiar with ZED community leader @PonyZook. His tireless efforts to entertain and engage fellow ZED Headz and his dedication to supporting one particular charity – @ExtraLife4Kids

Extra Life is a fundraising program run by the Children’s Miracle Hospital Network. The program specializes in raising funds via streams and video games – a cause Zook says is near and dear to his heart for very personal reasons. 

“In 2018, I was dealing with an alcohol problem which led to a severe automobile accident that should have taken my life. For the next few months, I was pretty low and decided to make some changes,” Zook says. 

“I started to volunteer at my local children’s hospital (Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital) and it changed my perspective on life. Helping kids escape whatever they were going through, gave me a new purpose.”

Zook explains that the pandemic meant hospitals were no longer accepting volunteers, so he had to get creative, which is when he came by Extra Life.  

Incredibly Zook has raised nearly $100,000 USD for Extra Life through streams, ZED RUN community racing events, and the generosity of fellow ZED community members. 

Zook believes Extra Life has seen such incredible support from the entire ZED community because “Helping sick kids is the least polarising topic there is, and so many members of the community say they have been helped by ExtraLife in the past.” Zook says.  

If you’d like to know more about Extra Life or get involved, follow Pony Zook on Twitter to catch his next fundraising activation. Zook also recommends volunteering yourself and donating toys or money directly to your local children’s hospitals. 

Content Creators 

Lacy After Dark Derby Day Giveaway

In celebration of ZED’s Derby Day racing event, Lacy, from @RacingGlue, is giving away a ZED racehorse! For a full breakdown of what you need to do to be eligible to win the Z12 Szabo Exclusive Colt named “Derby Nemesis,” check out her contest rules page

Lacy’s contest ends on April 26, so make sure you enter for your chance to win! 

Zombie Racing Maiden+

The Zombie Racing Maiden+ community-led racing event concluded this past week, with Majestic Phantom taking home the top spot on the podium. 

Follow Zombie Racing on Twitter to keep tabs on when his next event will take place. 

Buterin Bonanza Bracket

This past week, @PonyPlug247 revealed all 96 horses that had qualified for the community-driven Buterin Bonanza bracket. The Round of 96 action kicked off on April 21 and will conclude with the Finals live-streamed on the Pony Plug stream on April 25 EST.

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