ZED RUNdown Edition 17

Welcome back, ZED Headz! 

In this week’s ZED RUNdown we’re celebrating a vital community member’s ZED-iversary, recapping and previewing tournaments, covering top sales, and much more. 

Enough chit-chat, let’s get into it! 

Talladega Champion

Congratulations to The Golden Room, our Talladega tournament champion! Talladega was an exclusive $75,000 racing event available only to stable owners that own a NASCAR ZED PASS

Want to participate in future exclusive NASCAR racing events? Read our NASCAR Roadmap to learn how you can get in on the fun.

May the 4th

Coming soon, May the 4th is!

By now, most have noticed the force is strong with a particular ZED RUN racetrack. Stay tuned, more details will be released shortly on how we’ll be paying homage to a particular film in the coming days, and how you can win a special-edition skin.

Discord Chat with ZED Creator Chris Laurent 

If you’re not one of the 50,000-strong ZED Discord members now is a great time to join the fun! The ZED team is planning some special Discord-exclusive events and giveaways, and the only way to participate is to be there! 

Did you miss ZED RUN Creator and Co-Founder Chris Laurent chopping it up in the ZED RUN Discord this past week? If so, we’ve got you covered. Click here to rewind the tape and read up on his chat with the community. 

ZED in the News

Did you know since integrating with Biconomy in 2020, users have enjoyed over 8.5 million gasless transactions, saving ZED Headz over $212,000 in the process? Biconomy recently posted a Medium blog recapping the ZED’s success in saving users gas fees, most recently by becoming one of the first platforms to adopt an in-app bridge (Hyphen) to be used in a web3.0 gaming dApp.

In the lead-up of next week’s Kentucky Derby, General Manager Ted Gay spoke to Louisville NBC affiliate @Wave3News about ZED, the digital version of the world’s oldest sport, and his past connections to the IRL horse racing world. 

In addition to chatting with Ted, Evan Young from Young Gun Stables appeared to discuss his ZED journey! If you missed the article, make sure to give it a read. 

Top Sales

ICYMI, Elon Musk bought Twitter for a lot of money. Rumor is, that Musk discovering the tireless work @zedsalesbot puts in on a daily basis was a tipping point in negotiations. Seems plausible to us! 

Let’s take a look at the top ZED racehorse sales of the week.

Racehorse Breed/Bloodline ETH/USD at time of sale
Alpine Royal Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 15ETH/$44,221.80
Tootsie Roll Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Colt 12.5ETH/$35,786.89
Ready Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare 9.99ETH/$29,641.41
Illicit Winning Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Colt 13.25ETH/$38,109.32

#HorseMath with BG 

As recognisable names go in the ZED RUN community, few come with more lore than that of the infamous BG – the man, the myth, and the self-described post-doctoral candidate in ZED data – or as he refers to it, #HorseMath legend. 

While others have garnered a ZED reputation on the racetracks or creating content, BG is best known for running analytical autopsies that provide his fellow ZED Headz with 30,000-ft views in their area of interest. 

CTO of a healthcare start-up by day, BG says spending free time to banter about ZED with the community has been a good experience.

“The community makes it easy to stay involved. They’re often nice to talk to, have interesting questions, and show their appreciation for what I share.” 

Prior to the Web3 boom, BG says he’s spent hundreds of hours scraping and interpreting data, an experience that readied him when it came to dissecting NBA Top Shot data, before dedicating more time to ZED. 

“I wasn’t very interested in horses or horse racing before I found ZED, but the value proposition was fairly unique in the world of web3,” BG says. 

While admitting that at times preconceived notions can lead to misinterpreting data to fit personal biases, he says he spends a lot of time examining his assumptions so others have the tools to formulate their own takeaways.

No matter what the #HorseMath tells BG, he says he’s of the belief that ZED is on to something special, as evidenced by the passionate interest in the data he has to offer. 

“I am bullish on ZED, ” BG says. “The community is passionate both when things are going well and when they aren’t. It’s hard to find that level of emotional investment in other projects.”

KnowYourHorses Celebrates One Year

Congratulations to KnowYourHorses on one year of providing the ZED RUN community with vital analytics. If you know anything about ZED, it’s that KnowYourHorses is a must-have reference tool that makes going down a wormhole in search of the perfect racehorse a breeze. 

“The past year has been incredibly rewarding for Tyler, Adam, and I,” KYH Co-Founder @Ryantrost says. “ZED has helped us build a supremely loyal community of not just ZED users, but KYH users.” 

After a year of providing everything from easy-to-access racehorse information to hosting official ZED RUN tournament leaderboards, Ryan says KnowYourHorses has even more in store for Year Two. 

“KYH’s goal has always been to elevate the collective knowledge of userbase and to identify how to make your experience within these games more rewarding,” Ryan says. “We can’t wait to show off our new ventureKnow Your Wallet – and much more in May!” 

Community Round-Up

Join ZED Chateaux for his Maiden Stream on Sunday, May 1 from 5 PM-8 PM PST. Chateaux is scheduled to be joined by well-known community members, including the aforementioned KnowYourHorses, to chat about everything ZED. 

Chateaux also plans to give away two racehorses – tune in!

Sometimes, it takes a community to uplift a fellow member as they explore ZED. For @Sinvicta, finding the right voices in the community to listen to and heeding their advice has turned out to be a game-changer. 

Congratulations, Sinvicta! We’re looking forward to many more updates along the way. And thank you to everyone who continues to reach out to fellow community members in an effort to uplift the game. 

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