Drop Day! What to expect…

So you’re new here and looking to buy your first digital race horse?

Congratulations, you’re about to begin an exciting journey.

You want to know what you’re getting yourself in for though, Drop Days on Zed can get a little crazy.

You’ll want to do your research though, best place to start is by jumping in the discord.


Learn the ropes has some amazing insights into the complexity of the game.

However, In this article I’d like to touch on some of the questions I personally find being asked most often within the Discord General chat.

1. Is a Z1 Horse better than a Z10 Horse?

Short answer: Yes.

Although it’s just not that black & white. There’s plenty of amazing Z10 horses that compete with the best in the game; one of the finest being Zombie Boy.

Zombie Boy has a 23.6% Win Rate, with over 267 races.

He’s a familiar race in Class 1, the best class in the game & he regularly beats Z1 horses.

Based on percentages though, Z1’s produce better race horses to Z10s.

2. What’s better; Male (Colt) or Female (Filly)?

As always in Zed…It’s not a simple answer. It depends on what your long term strategy is.

There’s not enough data currently to suggest one’s faster than the other. In terms of breeding however, both provide different strategies.

Colts enter the stud market, lusting for a filly to pick him. If it’s a great Colt then it’ll be popular in the market and you’ll be able to generate a lot of money.

If it’s female, you have to pay to breed. However, you get to keep your horse and protect your horses bloodline.

3. What to expect in the drop?

When the drop goes live, you’ll want to be in the Zed Run Marketplace. From there, move fast and don’t waste time looking at it’s name or colour.

With the increase in demand, you no longer have the luxury to take your time in the marketplace. Move fast or else you’ll be left disappointed.

I hope this helps you get prepared for the next drop.

Good luck, have fun and see you on the track!