You’ve got a horse, now what?

First off, let me say congratulations. You’ve bought your first horse!

It’s an exciting time for us all, especially now Zed is beginning to build some momentum. There’s plenty of content out there already, but I’d like to try and simplify things for a lot of you first timers.

If you’re looking to not get heavily involved in Zed Run then feel free to leave your Griffin unraced, I think they’ll be fantastic investment opportunities as they become rarer down the line.

However, if like me you’re excited by the potential of Zed and interested in the horse racing/breeding aspect of the game then this short article will provide you with the basic tips you need to get started.

You need to start by adding your horse to a Griffin race.

A Griffin Race, is the first race that your horse will enter – They help Zed Run analyse your horses performance, and places it into the appropriate class.

The best horses typically compete in Class 1 for larger prize pools, whilst the majority battle it out between Class 5 – 2 for a chance of glory!

As you begin racing your horse more and more, you’ll notice that it might change from Class 5 to Class 4. How come?

Well, every race your position determines how many points your horse gains or loses per race.

Here’s a breakdown for you:

Over time, especially if you track your horses performance data (which you definitely should) you’ll notice your horse might favour a certain distance. Knowing your horses preferred distance is key to improving your win rate and therefore making more money.

Zed plans to introduce further conditions, such as; Altitude, Weather, Jump Races etc. that will further increase the importance of keeping data on your horse.

Until then though, find out your new horses favoured distance and go win some money!