On The Track With In The Family Racing – Zed Run Interviews

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In The Family Racing

Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we continue with post #9 in our series where we ask the BEST stables in Zed Run questions and get to post the answers here for you to learn from!

Our ninth post of this series will be – ON THE TRACK WITH IN THE FAMILY RACING!

For those curious, here is a list of questions we will be asking In The Family Racing:

  • What Is Your Stable Name?
  • What Are Your Stable’s Stats?
  • When Did You Start In Zed?
  • What Is Your Proudest Achievement In ZED?
  • What Is Your Primary Focus In ZED? Breeding, Racing, or Selling?
  • How Many Hours A Week Do You Dedicate To ZED?
  • What Is Your Favorite Horse You Own And Why Do You Love It?
  • What Advice Would You Give To Someone Starting A ZED Stable Now?
  • Who Is Someone In The ZED Community That You Respect And Try To Learn From?
  • Where Will ZED Be 24 Months From Today?
  • If You Could Change One Thing About Zed What Would It Be And Why?
  • What Is One Secret You Hate To Give Away But Will Tell Us About Your ZED Strategy?
  • Any Last Comments?
  • How Can People Follow Your Zed Journey Or Contact You?

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!


This week we reached out to another top stable, In The Family Racing! They were super excited to be involved with the stable interviews, and were kind enough to give us some awesome content to share with you all!

Here is the interview!

Q – What Is Your Stable Name?

In The Family Racing LogoMy stable’s name is In The Family Racing! It was so named because I originally thought inbreeding was the future of the game (after discovering Roid Rager).

My initial strategy revolved around buying U/U/U half-siblings of my best horse at the time (Written Puzzle), particularly if they were the same coat color.

If I ended up with a horse as good as Puzzle (which I never did), then I could breed them together and create my own Roid Rager (which also didn’t happen).

I no longer believe that is how breeding works (at least currently), but that’s the name I’m stuck with!

Q – What Are Your Stable’s Stats?

We are currently sitting at 306 wins, 222 second place finishes and 224 third place finishes as of 10/19/2021.

Overall, we have around a 11.75% win rate which we are very proud of.

Across both stables we own 19 horses in total. This includes 5 Genesis horses as well (4 Buterins and 1 Finney).

Q – When Did You Start In Zed?

I started in mid-July of 2021. Sadly, I never had the chance to participate in any drops to try and get in on the floor prices. 

Originally, I heard about the game from the Hamish & Andy Podcast.

I was hoping to rope a mate in with me who’s a big gambler, but he wasn’t a fan of the whole crypto-aspect.

Everyone likes different things I guess, and in fairness the crypto world is intimidating.

Q – What Is Your Proudest Achievement In ZED?

Starting my website and learning enough about data analysis that I felt comfortable putting my content out there.

It really is a daunting thing to do since we already have so many clever teams contributing a lot to the community.

I know my stuff will never be up to the standards set by the XYZed Talk crew for example, but I’m still proud of it and it’s great to hear from people that are enjoying it.

Q – What Is Your Primary Focus In ZED? Breeding, Racing, or Selling?

Currently, my primary focus is racing.

I think the luck factor in breeding is too high at the moment for smaller stables like myself to realistically compete, so I’ve been using racing to fund my breeds.

One of the great things about focusing on racing is how it compounds.

If you’re already sitting at the computer waiting for a 2400M race to pop for one horse, then having horses that are good at other distances lets you get more value out of the time you’re spending.

Specifically, if you’re a small stable you can really maximize your time by getting a solid set of racers across all distances, and across multiple classes as well.

Q – How Many Hours A Week Do You Dedicate To ZED?

I spend far too many hours per week on Zed combing through races and researching new ideas!

My dog hates me for it.

Q – What Is Your Favorite Horse You Own And Why Do You Love It?

Life From The FoamMy current favorite horse is Life from the Loam. She is a Z15 Legendary Buterin.

I bought her U/U/U, because I identified similar offspring from the mom while making my spreadsheets for the website (I love a good plug – you can find the spreadsheets I used here!).

It personally feels like my hard work with the spreadsheets paid off, even though in reality I still got incredibly lucky with her!

After obtaining that horse, I actually tried pretty hard to buy the mom as well, but the stable didn’t want to get rid of her (understandably so).

Q – What Advice Would You Give To Someone Starting A ZED Stable Now?

Unless you have a big budget, I think you should be focusing on racing.

If you’re brand new, buy a cheap donkey and learn the game that way and then do your research before buying anything else.

There are a ton of great, free resources out there to help you understand the game better.

For example, I highly recommend watching every interview that Zed Insights has done on YouTube. You’ll learn a ton about the game from those alone.

In the end, you’ll need to just grind it out. Once you are profitable from racing, you can use that profit to fund your breeding.

Although, please realize that it takes time to build a stable. The easy money in Zed is already gone in my opinion.

You can still do really well in this game, but you’re going to need to grind hard to do it.

The last thing I would say is find a good Zed discord to hang out in too where you can ask questions and make friends. The Syntribos discord is awesome for this.

Q – Who Is Someone You Respect In The Zed Community And Why?

All the smaller content creators.

It’s really tough in Zed to even get a retweet from one of the big players or from the main Zed Twitter account.

Anyone who’s small and still producing content after a month or two is doing it because they love the game, not because there’s money in it.

Heck, even the ‘big’ YouTubers in our space are probably making nothing from it at the moment.

If there’s a content creator in this space whose stuff you really enjoy, please share it and follow them.

It makes a world of difference. That’s something I didn’t really understand until I started the site, and it’s something I really need to get better at too.

Zed Run is still a small game, and more eyeballs on content helps everybody in the long run. All we want is for the game to grow.

Q – Where Will ZED Be 24 Months From Today?

Stable Interview PostI really hope it’s big enough that people can grind out a decent living doing it.

Not necessarily six-figures good, but good enough that you can rely on it as your primary source of income.

This would be similar to how there are a good number of poker pros grinding out a decent living playing online. (or at least there used to be before all the bans).

Q – If You Could Change One Thing About Zed What Would It Be And Why?

Ask me a couple weeks ago and I would have said communication. Although recently, the team has been getting better at this.

They aren’t quite at a point yet (in my opinion) where I’d be comfortable recommending the game to friends, but at least they’re getting there.

Besides communication, I would say Zed needs to focus on getting one aspect of the game right before moving on to the next.

Paid racing has really suffered during the inaugural tournament, and those who are either disinterested or unable to compete in the tournament have been left with little to do on the platform.

I’m extremely excited for tournaments to come to the platform, but not at the expense of regular racing.

With that said, it’s tricky. The game is still in beta, and things are going to be out of whack sometimes.

The best thing about Zed is how simplistic the idea is. Although, with that simplicity comes interconnectedness where turning one dial impacts things far more than anticipated. Stuff like this comes with the territory.

Q – What Is One Secret You Hate To Give Away But Will Tell Us About Your ZED Strategy?

If you’re a smaller stable, I really think you should focus on racing over breeding.

You can get some really solid racers for relatively cheap and grind it out right now with the market as it is.

I think breeding in its current state is primarily for the bigger stables that can afford to knock out a ton of foals each month until they get something great.

If they’re selling offspring unraced, then they’re big enough that trying to advertise their horses is worthwhile. 

I get that breeding is fun, but the costs add up quickly (even breeding with a second stable you own).

Hopefully Zed makes changes to the breeding algorithm so that smaller stables can breed easier without taking such a large hit financially. I think we’re a fair way off that currently.

Q – Any Last Comments?

Thanks for having me! It’s awesome that you’re taking the time to promote other members of the community!

I appreciate the Sanfran Tribe giving exposure to other stables.

Q – How Can People Follow Your Zed Journey Or Contact You?

The best place to contact me is on Twitter here or add me on discord with this ign here: In The Family Racing#6051

In addition, please check out my website that can be found here. I specialize in content for Zed Run! 

If you have questions, feel free to hit me up and lets become friends!

In The Family Racing

Thanks for reading our interview post of On The Track With In The Family Racing!

We are going to continue to post these interviews from the top stables around the community, so make sure to subscribe to not miss your chance at learning their secrets!

We’ll see you on the track!