On The Track With Naruto Racing – Zed Run Interviews

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Naruto Racing

Welcome back to the Tribe!

Today we continue with post #9 in our series where we ask the BEST stables in Zed Run questions and get to post the answers here for you to learn from!

Our ninth post of this series will be on the fun streamers you know and love – ON THE TRACK with NARUTO RACING!

For those curious, here is a list of questions we will be asking Naruto Racing:

  • What Is Your Stable Name?
  • What Are Your Stable’s Stats?
  • When Did You Start In Zed?
  • What Is Your Proudest Achievement In ZED?
  • What Is Your Primary Focus In ZED? Breeding, Racing, or Selling?
  • How Many Hours A Week Do You Dedicate To ZED?
  • What Is Your Favorite Horse You Own And Why Do You Love It?
  • What Advice Would You Give To Someone Starting A ZED Stable Now?
  • Who Is Someone In The ZED Community That You Respect And Try To Learn From?
  • Where Will ZED Be 24 Months From Today?
  • If You Could Change One Thing About Zed What Would It Be And Why?
  • What Is One Secret You Hate To Give Away But Will Tell Us About Your ZED Strategy?
  • Any Last Comments?
  • How Can People Follow Your Zed Journey Or Contact You?

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!


This week we got in touch with another top stable, Naruto Racing! These guys are lively, fun, and super excited to be apart of the Zed Run community! If you have not already, make sure to check out some of their streams and support their content!

Here is the interview!

Q – What Is Your Stable Name?

Naruto Racing

We are known as Naruto Racing!

Our stable derivatives (apart of the racing team) include: Naruto Stables | Breeding, Naruto Racing Team, and Naruto Stables.

Q – What Are Your Stable’s Stats?

Currently across all of our stables we have placed first 451 times! In addition, we have place second 528 times and third 551 times.

Over all, we have approximately a 8% win rate across all stables!

We would like to clarify that we have shifted away from doing a racing team approach and have focused more on testing our theories and race strategies with different types of horses in each stable.

Q – When Did You Start In Zed?

We all joined at different times, but ultimately ended up with a team of three people.

The first person to join was Dartanian who started Zed in March of 2021. He was mainly trying to get into the early drops that Zed Run was doing around that time.

Meanwhile, Brendino was the second person to join on the team in May 2021.

Finally, Remy joined the team in August of 2021 to create the trio we have today.

Q – What Is Your Proudest Achievement In ZED?

We unanimously believe our proudest moment in Zed was getting shouted out by MJ Stables on twitch for being one of the best users of MJ stable’s analysis tool.

We have learned to use the site’s various tools for analyzing speeds, distance preference, and overall capacity of evaluating horses 

MJ is the GOAT and we stand by that.

Our second proudest moment is working with LJ (Lucky Jack) with all that he does for the community and giving back with giveaways and content.

Q – What Is Your Primary Focus In ZED? Breeding, Racing, or Selling?

This is a bit of a tricky question.

At first, we were highly focused on racing. We were scooping up 5-10 dollar racers left and right and proving their competitive nature.

Although, as the game has developed with going from unlimited races to around 3-4 per day, we are no longer able to downrank or up-class.

The changes like fatigue, flames, the removal of odds, and what we speculate to be a decrease of variance/increase of consistency with the October 4th stamina update, have now shifted our focused to breeding. 

More specifically, breeding and understanding base ability/breeding potential of horses is now our main focus. We are still racing, but if we can breed successful horses, the investment has less risk and exposure.

Overall, breeding great horses is a lot more rewarding.

Q – How Many Hours A Week Do You Dedicate To ZED?

Our combined hours between the three of us and streaming is probably in the 100 hour range.

While that might seem like a lot, we love it!

We eat, sleep, talk, and live Zed Run.

Q – What Is Your Favorite Horse You Own And Why Do You Love It?


Our favorite racing horse has to be Archangel!

We think this is our most exciting horse by far! She is definitely a top 50 sprinter in the game and has flamed over some spectacular horses like Asterism, Song of Ice and Fire, and Shirley Temple.

However, our favorite breeding horse is Finishing School (Genesis Z3 Szabo) because we have realized what a dominant breeder she is and probably one of our oldest horses we’ve kept to date!

Most people probably thought we were gonna say Jet Glue huh?

Q – What Advice Would You Give To Someone Starting A ZED Stable Now?

The best advice that we can give to new stable owners is to watch the content creators, learn about the market of Zed, get into the Twitterverse of Zed, and understand the approach you want to take with Zed whether that is a long-term investment (Genesis horses), Breeding, or Competing with races!

The market is probably the lowest we’ve seen since we joined Zed and there are a lot of amazing horses up for sale currently!

One in particular that we saw, Bloons, is only around 1.5 Ethereum. A horse like that would absolutely crush 95% of the competition!

Genesis Mares are selling near .2 and Z2 Legendary Nak Fillies are going for roughly .45-.5 eth which is insane!

Don’t just leap in like we did! Do your research, understand the environment, and execute accordingly!

Q – Who Is Someone You Respect In The Zed Community And Why?

We can’t really narrow it down to just one person.

We’d go with MJ Stables and his stream/twitter/content in regards to speed and placement via his website here.

For breeding, we are very big on the boys at XYZ and absolutely love the content they’ve been putting out. They are brilliant with their analysis on the updates’ impact on the Zed environment/racing.

Danshan gets a close second for our favorite because his theories align a lot with what we have been seeing in regards to breeding!

Lastly, we admire and respect Lucky Jack for all that he does for the community and the boys at Ponyplug!

Q – Where Will ZED Be 24 Months From Today?

Stable Interview Post

In 24 months we think Zed will be dominating the metaverse.

Hopefully it will be the modern day pari-mutuel betting! FULL STOP!

Q – If You Could Change One Thing About Zed What Would It Be And Why?

We would suggest that Zed focuses more on their DevOps and tweak the bottlenecks that happen with the deployment of their updates.

In addition, they need to optimize their product to market strategy with marketing, communication of changes, and overall roadmap.

We believe that open communicate is not only essential but vital to the life and longevity of a promising product that is still in it’s Beta/Alpha Phase (some argue Alpha because it’s not fundamentally complete with their implementations to game-play).

Let Zed be a game, let the users have some nice feelers for what the future holds, and understand that without a lot of the day one players, content creators, and people shelling their ETH at a game still in its prototypical stages that their money isn’t better kept elsewhere.

ETH is going to the moon and will more than likely break 10k by Spring with Modular scalability and Proof of Stake.

Q – What Is One Secret You Hate To Give Away But Will Tell Us About Your ZED Strategy?

Other than the fact that we gave out a proven racer with .5 eth profit in 200 races named Bloons that is currently listed for 1.5 eth?

We dropped some people the secret on attempted supercoats in July, but we think breeding is the key to Zed Run.

Amazing Genesis horses that can breed successful offspring and their grandchildren can also perform is a high indicator of what we believe to be “breed ability.”

This breed ability does not depend on whether or not they are a great racer. Our best breeder, Finishing School, has a decent base ability (flames at short distance well into Class 1), however has made very decent off-spring that have produced at 5 and 10 dollar racers!

Lastly, L J D Racing and Jamoeesh are by far the best breeders for their stable size, so if you take a close look at what they’re doing, we think the community can learn a lot about being highly efficient breeders given a smaller stable budget.

Q – Any Last Comments?

We’d like to give a shout out to our homies at SeanvsAll! Everybody should check out their stream. It’s the kind of entertaining content that Zed needs and they do an amazing show with giveaways from themselves and the rest of the community!

Thanks for having us! We are extremely elated to be apart of the Zed Community and looking forward to growing and having a blast with all of the amazing people we’ve met along our journey!

Q – How Can People Follow Your Zed Journey Or Contact You?

Naruto Racing

Thanks for reading our interview post of On The Track With Naruto Racing!

We are going to continue to post these interviews from the top stables around the community, so make sure to subscribe to not miss your chance at learning their secrets!

We’ll see you on the track!