Top 5 Reasons Zed Run Will Succeed

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In this post we’ll be going over our top 5 reasons why we think Zed Run will succeed.

Although, what does succeed even mean?

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Succeeding

To us, for a platform to succeed several things need to happen:

  1. Sustainable ecosystem that thrives
  2. Strong community and culture
  3. Positive internal ROI for developers
  4. Use-case development

Already we have seen the platform reach a few of these markers. For instance, the platform should already be hosting a positive net ROI, and the community is more vibrant than ever.

Not to mention there are several use-cases already developed on the platform like breeding, racing, and selling.

With that base understanding, lets take a look at our top 5 reasons why we believe Zed Run will CONTINUE to succeed in the future.

Will Zed Run Succeed – Top 5 Reasons

Reasons Zed Run Will Succeed

To break down our top 5 reasons, lets take a look at them:

  • Growing Community
  • Funding and Sponsorships
  • NFT Hype
  • Fixed Genesis Supply
  • Additional Use-cases

We are going to go through each reason independently and discuss how Zed Run will continue to succeed in the future.

1. Growing Community

So far, the strongest thing driving Zed Run’s success is its community.

There is an extremely vibrant group of Zed Heads (as they are called) that are constantly communicating on social platforms like Twitter and Discord.

While this is impressive for a platform still in it’s BETA phase, this is only the beginning.

What we mean is that they have not even started marketing yet. That is half the battle when it comes to building out a community, but they have done all of this mostly without it.

While that is impressive, marketing is only half of the picture. The other half will be sponsors that will flock to the platform once they realize the depth of the user base.

2. Funding And Sponsorships

Zed Run Funding

That ties straight into my second point – funding and sponsorships.

So far, the company behind Zed Run has already had a successful Series A raking in a whooping $20 million dollars.

This is huge for any industry, and especially for a betting and racing platform. Clearly, the investors and VCs think they have what it takes to push Zed Run to the next level.

With the funding in place sponsorships can come in and help bolster the eco-system. Not just for the developers, but for the stables and winning horses as well!

Just imagine, your stable being sponsored by a beer brand or a crypto company similar to a stable like Pac Protocol Racing!

It’s already happening, but once marketing hits it will be like fireworks.

3. NFT Hype

While this my seem obvious, the NFT and crypto space are only going to continue to grow.

We are talking famous celebrates, NFL players, NBA players, Singers, Actors, and company CEOs will soon all want a piece of this pie.

Already some of the most popular celebs have tried their hand at the space. While there has not been a ton of success, I can see some of them wanting to capitalize on the NFT space soon as the next big thing.

Advocates like Gary Vee come to mind already.

It is only natural that they will look to purchase NFTs with utility that will prompt cash flow like Zed Run horses!

Only time will tell, but I could see some rappers owning a stable just for the fun of it.

4. Fixed Genesis Supply

The thing that actually caught my eye as an investor was the fixed supply.

While there will be plenty of legendary, exclusive, elites, and cross breeds, there will only be SO many genesis horses.

Overtime, the ones that are the best will start to stand out and be worth quite the penny. We can see a direct correlation to Bitcoin and how it’s price is derived.

While this is a good start, the population of horses could start to become an issue after time.

The platform needs to figure out a way to effectively burn horses at some point in order to preserve the platforms scarcity that gives horses their value in general.

Although, owning genesis horse seems like an obvious win for any investor.

5. Additional Use-Cases

the last reason we think Zed Run will succeed is the additional use-cases the platform will build out.

Besides the basics of breeding, selling, and studding, the platform is currently building out a few more use-cases that are important to mention.

  • The first one is going to be renting out horses.

Specifically, there are going to be people that excel at racing. Those people can rent good horses and race them for profit!

We have already seen people even want to give their horses over to someone good at racing in order to bolster their stats and improve their race volume. This works beneficially for both the stable and the person racing the horses since they both make money off the horse.

  • The next thing that we are personally excited about is owning a race track!

While this might seem silly, owning your own track to host races will actually be extremely profitable.

Most people probably will not be thinking this far ahead, but potentially you could be hosting thousands of races a day having hundreds of thousands of dollars being bet per day.

Even if you are just retaining a small percentage of those numbers, your track generate a good amount of income.

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