Zed Run Blog Post #4 – Racing And NASCAR Drop

Welcome back to the Tribe!

This our fourth Zed Run Blog post already! Our time in Zed is rushing by so fast, but we have a lot to talk about in this post. We are going to discuss our stable changes, racing, tournament results, and of course the NASCAR drop!

Here is a quick run down:

  • Changes to our stable
  • Giveaway update
  • Racing update
  • Tournament Update
  • Social growth
  • NASCAR giveaway
  • Platform issues

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run Blog Post #4

Here is an update for the Sanfrancisco Tribe Zed Run journey!

Stable Update


Although we sold one horse, we already purchased another!

  1. We welcome our most recent acquisition Anyone?, a Z3 Szabo Colt! We have already started breeding this horse with pretty good success in the stud farm! Honestly, we are a little nervous to race it, but we probably will at some point.
  2. We sold our second offspring Bedtime that was a Z12 exclusive Buterin colt. It actually turned out to be a pretty good horse! We listed it on Opensea just to see if there were any takers and what do you know! Someone just had to have it.
  3. We are also still selling our horse Fire Style! Click here if you are interested in him.

We will be studding out our Szabos we got this week! Be on the look out for Anyone? and Little Choosey in the stud farm soon!

Giveaway Update

Our giveaway is still live for those still wanting to enter for a free legendary Z7 Finney!

You can go here to enter!

This giveaway will continue through October. There have been some breeding issues on the platform recently, but we will make sure to get the winner gets the horse we promised regardless of the Zed bugs!

Racing Update

We have won our first 41 races, with 55 second place finishes and 25 third place finishes!

Racing Update

Racing has been a constant learning experience, but we are slowly starting to get around the track.

Our win rate has dropped a little bit as we continue to race new horses and experiment on distance. In addition, we oddly got a huge amount of second place finishes. If there is one thing we want to work on, it’s changing those second place finishes into first place ones!

What we have noticed so far is that it is VERY important to be the last or next to last horse to enter a race. Several times we will research a race, enter as the top contender, and a stronger horse will enter after us in the last spot available. Not sure if this is a bot doing this, or just bad luck. Either way, the new strategy for us is to enter last or next to last to try and prevent this!

Our goal is still to get to at least 100 wins before the end of the year. Realistically, we should be able to accomplish this within the next couple of weeks, but there has been some platform issues that are keeping us from racing that we will discuss at the end.

Our First Tournament

We finished up our first tournament the Jockey Club Classic!

We would like to thank our friend over at MJ Stables for being such an awesome team captain. He picked up our horse Blue Fire for his team!

The tournament was a success in the fact that everyone who participated had a good time doing so. We personally learned a lot this go around. If we were to do it over again, we would definitely do things differently. For instance, Blue Fire was not the best horse for the tournament.

Blue Fire is a class 1 u-shaped horse which really does not bode well for tournaments. In tournaments, you want to enter your most consistent high placing horse. There were 9 races counted towards the tournament over the weekend. As you can guess, Blue Fire was all over the place.

While still a strong horse, we would have entered a horse that is in a lower class in order to capitalize on easy wins. While we did not preform our best, we still enjoyed the experience and have plenty to take away for next tournament!

Social Growth

Our Twitter has continued to grow into October which is awesome!

We are close to 500 followers which puts us in line to accomplish our goal of 1,000 followers by years end!


There is tons of talk around the community about the recent NASCAR pass drop that the Zed Run team did.

While there are a ton of opinions and ideas, the main point should be clear to the Zed team.

Put your users first.

It seems that this might be forgotten over at HQ, but they need to remember this for the success of the platform. The main anger stems from people simply buying these passes in bulk to flip, sell, or simply just to hold preventing the actual users from obtaining them.

Zed needs to start to use their community more for these kinds of things, or risk losing people in the masses.

Either way, the event and passes themselves are exciting to see since the platform will gain more features down the line involving them.

Zed Run Bugs

The other thing to discuss are the constant bugs on the platform.

While it is in BETA, there are a large number of bugs to consider. Just these past two weeks we have encountered several:

  • Horses not showing up in stud farm, regardless of time or filtering
  • Horses not being able to stud out due to issues in the timer
  • A horse didn’t enter the stud farm for hours, and then randomly went in over night causing us to lose our offspring essentially. Not to mention, these were offspring that we were going to GIVEAWAY to people that are new to Zed…
  • Obviously racing issues (but that is world-wide for the entire platform and community)

We understand that things take a while to fix and the the platform is going through growing pains.

Although, they need to focus on this stuff.

Not only that, but they need to acknowledge their mistakes to the community, and be more open about development. We are all here to support the team and the platform, but it really is hard when they ignore the users and do not address obvious issues. This needs to change for the survival of the platform.

Zed Run Blog Post

Thanks for reading our fourth Zed Run Blog post!

We will continue to update you guys every couple of days on our racing success, stable changes, and other fun things we dive into.

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