Zed Run Tournaments – Winning Thousands Off Of NFTs

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Zed Run Tournaments

Welcome back to the Tribe! In this post we are going to discuss the best part of Zed Run currently, Zed Run Tournaments!

Nothing should be considered investment or financial advice. Enjoy the ride!

Zed Run

If you have not kept up with our latest series, we have recently dove into the NFT horse racing platform called Zed Run.

We started investigating this platform in mid 2021, and jumped in financially starting in Q3. We have a fair sized stable, and at this point hundreds of wins under our belt. Therefore, we have a pretty good handle on the platform and what people can expect from it.

If you have not heard of Zed and want to check it out, make sure to read our Zed Run review that can be found here!

Although for those that are familiar with the platform, you will be able to relate to this post when we say the best part of Zed recently has to be the on-going tournaments!

Zed Run Tournaments

Zed Run tournaments are what is currently giving life to the platform like never before.

Already there has been three tournaments each with $100,000 in total prizes to all who qualify, no matter your stable size or race history.

The three tournaments so far have been:

A tournament based on the best horses in the platform.

To qualify, horses needed to race a total of 30 times in their desired distance bracket. Of those 30 or more races, the average points that the horse got from the races were used to place it in the rankings for the cup.

If a horse got 1st then they received 89 points, 2nd got 55, 3rd 34, and so on.

If you want to learn more about this tournament, go here to find out everything you need to know about qualifying, brackets, point system and more.

The second tournament that Zed hosted was called the Pity cup.

This tournament was specifically designed to benefit horses that place 4th, just out of the three payment spots for a traditional race. Like the Fibonacci cup, horses needed to race in any race on the Zed platform to qualify. Points were awarded per race based on placement which was slightly different than the first tournament.

If you placed in 4th then you received 89 points, 5th or 3rd was awarded 55 points, 2nd or 6th got 21, and so on.

For this reason, the entire platform’s racing structure seemed to change over night as people started racing their donkeys in hopes of hitting it big!

The last tournament that is currently going on as of 12/5/21 is the second Fibonacci Cup.

This tournament is pretty much the exact same as the first, so we’ll move on.

Tournament Experience

While everyone’s tournament experience will be different, we want to talk about ours.

If you have not checked out our stable, it is a decent size. We typically have over 20 horses, 10 or so genesis horses, and plenty of class 1 racers. Therefore, we had a decent shot at just about every tournament so far.

In the first tournament, it seemed that everyone and their mother wanted to qualify. Therefore, the competition on the platform seemingly doubled over night as every horse came out of the barn. It was almost impossible to find a race without a monster in it, and if there wasn’t a monster, we were putting our monsters in it.

That tournament really kicked things off and probably told Zed, “Hey keep this up.”

We ended up getting horses into the quarters and semi-finals of the first Fibonacci cup, but unfortunately did not make it any further. Although, we had an awesome time just being involved at all.

For the Pity Cup, we surprisingly did extremely well. We had two horses that just recently found their best distances, and would place consistently 4th-2nd. For those reasons, we ended up getting two horses into the grand finals of the Pity Cup. One in bracket A, and one in bracket B. Unfortunately, the grand finals ended up being Z1’s running circles around the other pity horses. Still, we had an awesome time and won around $1,000 from the tourney.

Today, we are racing more than ever for the second Fibonacci cup. Currently, it is looking like we will have 5+ horses qualify, and we just breed another lot looking to sneak in 25 races before time expires.

Tournaments Overview

Again this is just our experience. We have a decent sized stable, and have put a good amount of money into our stable. So, it is only expected that we would get something out of it or at least be able to participate in these tournaments.

Now for most starter stables and beginners, they are probably still feeling left out. Although, do not worry because Zed has already said that they will continue to expand the tournament criteria to eventually reward horses that place in maybe 8th to qualify and so on.

The Zed team’s prerogative right now is to continue to bring utility to as many horses as possible, and yes that even means those Z173 pacers.

There was even a Youtube video of one of the co-founders Chris stating that they are using these current tournaments for feedback, Gauging user interaction, and looking to better understand the total effect they have on the platform.

We think that this is only the beginning and can’t wait to be involved with even more tournaments down the line!

Zed Run Tournaments Post

Thanks for reading our Zed Run Tournaments Post! Make sure to follow our Zed progress by checking out our blog, following our Twitter, and subscribing to the Tribe!

If you have any questions on tournaments or need help getting started in Zed, don’t be afraid to reach out over Twitter! We’ll see you on the track!