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An “Open Letter” Discussion (& Rant) to Zed.Run w/ @cortez_crypto

  From ZedGuru.com:

VERY Special Guest today: Someone who I have always respected for their Twitter Takes about the Zed.Run ecosystem; we’ve got @cortez_crypto!!

There’s been a lot of negativity lately in the Zed Community over certain aspects of the game, and we wanted to be able to “Rant” and put our thoughts out to the Zed Team & in a larger sense to the Zed Community in a constructive way.

These are the things we cover:

– The Redwood City Classic
– Communications Issues (Where are the AMA’s?)
– Gameplay Issues around Class Ratings and More
– Breeding Issues in terms of Pricing and Strategy
– The “Wen Dez” Movement
– The (Sometimes Extremely) High Opportunity Cost of Investing In Zed.Run So Far
– Where are the AMA’s?

Follow @cortez_crypto on Twitter if you’re not already — and enjoy our LONGEST Podcast ever — clocking in at just over 90 Minutes!
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