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Looking at the Hawku Market on May 9th, 2022

As of this writing, it is the morning of MON. May 9th, 2022. Market Conditions in a game like Zed Run can move quite quickly — but here are some interesting market trends that I’m seeing this morning with a few targets of Horses that could be potential Buys for seasoned or newer players.

Genny Bute Report

The sky is falling, Chicken Little!

A Genesis Floor of roughly $230 USD is absolutely insane to look at. I can’t believe we’re here… however the Breeding 2.0 switch has really killed any hope for these donkey-ish Genesis Buterins in a lot of people’s eyes.

I agree — it’s tough to really expect too much out of a Genesis who can’t even win a Race. I like a target similar to “The Exhibitionist” for .1149 or $280 USD. It’s a Horse that’s won 14 Races lifetime although the Wins are a bit confusing coming both in the Sprinter and Marathoner funnel.

Either way, even if it’s against downers — it’s still nice to see C2 Free Wins and some intriguing old-school Odds data in the 8-10 Range.

His offspring are all lightly raced, but again have at least shown a bit of capacity to win a few of those small-sample Races that they’ve run.

If you believe down-classing is going to stick around, I also like “Courting Ritual” somewhat as well at .134 or $329 USD.

When you sort “Courting” to the Sprinter Funnel on Hawku you see a nice 15.7% Win Rate as well as that typical left-leaning L that you like to see.

He honestly seems a bit A-Shape, with no Tournament success on the board, however I think if you get a bit creative whether it is via DanShan Tournament or Pity Point Tournaments that he could be of some value.

A Low-Breed Racer

For under $50, you could do much much worse than “lebronJAM“. She’s a Z22 Exclusive Mare with a Rare Coat, which is fine — but she’s also got an extreme Distance Preference as a Sprinter.

The downside of this Horse would be that you’re unfortunately not going to have the firepower in an ‘open’ Format. lebronJAM has finished 9th, 10th, and 11th in the 3 Tournaments that she qualified for. However, a smart player downing in Marathons and using Danshan’s Tournaments could clean up quite effectively.

Honestly, even if we see some sort of Class Reset or Seasons coming into play — lebronJAM seems like a Horse who could move up — again, especially when thinking about Conditional Racing.

Proof Of Concept

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